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The students who are studying in UAE are assigned different projects or task by their professors. It is important to make an impressive assignment to get higher grades in their academic career. Students also work part-time within the study and take part in extra-curriculum activities thus. Due to a proper understanding of the topic or scarcity of the time, the students cannot complete these assignments within the due date. They get tensed and concerned due to the heavy stress of the assignments. To provide a proper solution to this problem, Locus Assignment offers assignment help UAE at very cheap and affordable price. We provide best well-researched and well-written assignments which will help to improve final grades of the students. Assignments prepared by our professional and experienced writers will give an in-depth knowledge of the given topic or subject to the students. We offer best online assignment writing service in the UAE. A large number of students already take benefit of our services.

Studying in UAE has some advantages like sun, sea and potential tax-free earnings after completing graduation. Some of the leading universities in the Gulf area according to the QS World University Rankings. We have experienced and dedicated writers who have the potential to provide assignment help in all the recommended subjects of top universities in the UAE.

Education in UAE

The education system in UAE is new. In 1952, there were only a few recognized schools in the country. But now a school building program extended the whole education system. Now in the United Arab Emirates, education at the primary and secondary level is of international standards and obligatory up to the 9th grade. The medium of directives in the schools and universities is Arabic and English is a second language is emphasized. Establishment of education in the UAE start shortly after the formation of the alliance with the beginning of the UAE University. The university is situated in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. The country has developed with the efforts to ensure high literacy rate, women’s share and modern programmes in education. The UAE works on developing youth’s education for that the country has set many agendas. The country bestows nearly 25% of total spending of government to the education. Country’s literacy rate is 90 percent. Besides being among the highest rated education index, the country has achieved regionally noteworthy milestones in ensuring women’s admittance to education.


UAE Education level - LocusAssignments

The government has made many plans to bring together higher education techniques, emphasis more on the self-learning abilities and improve innovative skills to students. Considering education as a continual requirement for development, the country has wanted to implement and observe higher level education standards by undertaking new programmes, policies, and initiatives. Education in the United Arab Emirates in improving day by day. The country’s focus on English language development in the country because the government has faith in that a pitiable grip of English is one of the primary employment obstacles for its citizens. As the 1st move towards this, the government has established new school model, a critical-thinking based syllabus models. During last few years, UAE government take early moves to improve the quality and access of the education, containing the establishment of stable classrooms, modern research labs, computer workshops and up-to-date facilities.

Top universities are the United Arab Emirates

Some of the utmost universities are found in the UAE in the Middle East. Each established has received its reputation based on the employer status, academic status, international faculty, and international students. The UAE Universities offer a wide variety of learning prospects for both local and international students. The quality of education is a chief concern for the students and their parents as well around the globe. Luckily, the UAE offers a wide variety of higher learning opportunities for local and overseas students as well. Here are the top universities in the UAE-

  1. United Arab Emirates University

This University is ranked the best institution in the UAE and sixth best in Gulf province, registering over 7,000 students among them about 2,000 students are international. The University has founded 40 years ago and one of the oldest universities in the country. The University offers a variety of offers for both undergraduate and post-graduate or Master’s courses including IT, Humanities, and Medical Sciences. According to a research, The UAE University is also one of the top research institutions in the world.

  1. American University of  Sharjah

The University of Sharjah was established in 1997. It offers a wide range of courses and degrees from Undergraduate to Masters’ level. For the last 2 years, The University has sustained among the top ten universities in the Gulf region. The University is appraised highly for its academic facilities and a large number of overseas students, who are more than 84 percent of its overall student number. The American University of Sharjah is the best University in the UAE by 2015 QS ranking.

  1. University of Sharjah

This University is a private national university & established in 1997 with the aim of educational needs. The University of Sharjah stands 3rd in the UAE and 19th across the Gulf region. Both the quality of faculty and number of international students is very high. The university also endeavours to be one of the best research-oriented universities and offers broad breaks to its students.

  1. Zayed University

Zayed University is one of three higher academic institutions in the UAE. Succeeding certification on Higher Education by the Middle States Commission in the USA and became a 1st federal university in the UAE to be globally certified. The University is named after the first president of the country, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. On top Universities ranking, it has a noble academic standing with a rating of 82 percent.

  1. American University in Dubai

This University is a non-sectarian organization of higher learning in the UAE which was initiated in 1995. International students from all around the world come here to study American-style education. This University has both UAE and US certification for all of its courses and degrees. The University ranks 23rd in the Gulf area with an academic reputation of 79.9 percent, by top universities.

Expect these, there are many other higher academic institution in UAE including-

  • Khalifa University

  • Higher College of Technology

  • Abu Dhabi University

  • University of Dubai

All these universities have world-class facilities and latest technology which provide a great learning environment to the students. Living in the UAE is also very affordable for the students. UAE is a dynamic and exciting country and known for its far-fetched diversity, political stability, warm hospitability, safety, economic vitality and religious tolerance.

How we can help you

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