Importance of Operations Management

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In any organization the importance of operations management includes all the managerial actions and activities dealing with the transformation of the resources or the inputs in to the outputs or the products of the company and doing it in such a way to ensure the most effective and efficient utilization of the resources thus minimizing the costs and maximizing the quality of the outputs. The scope of the operations management deals with production of the outputs that are valued by a user of the company products or services. Thus the main concept of the organizations involving in management of operations or production activity is the creation of value for the firm through its outputs. If a firm manufactures a product but it has neither low costs nor good quality then it cannot attract the target markets to buy it thus the process of adding value to organizational actions is the main agenda for operation management. The main resource input that undergoes in the process of production includes raw materials, human resources, technology, information, etc. The main output in case of commercial firms is profit generation while in case of nonprofit organizations are the betterment of the services provided. Thus modern business organizations engage in management of its operations to create value for customers or service users. In case of the bread manufacturing company, the operations management helps in order decide the plant capacity, to make use of workflow analysis, take decisions regarding the plant facilities including machines, to manage materials inflows and to maintain the quality of outputs. Thus it helps the company to achieve the productivity with best quality and reduced costs of operations in production of bread.

Importance of Operation Management

Explain the needs of safety, on time, in costs, to quality and within laws

The role of operations manager in a company is very important in making the customers available with the products or services of the best quality at the most affordable and competitive prices and thus ensuring success of the organization through the improved customer satisfaction. As in case of the bread manufacturer company, the use of the operational management techniques is done to improve the operational efficiency and thus reducing the overall costs which could be passed to customers to add value to their products. Also the company should be capable of ensuring the safety and well-being of its employees involved in production of various kinds of bread and takes due care of the occupation related hazards to the workers with timely maintenance of the plant machines. Also the operations should be on time in order to avoid any delays in reaching of products to the retailers. However the quality is a main concern of the operations manager at company and the regular feedbacks from the customers and retailers are taken to improve the product. Also company needs to follow the regulation of the government and follow the policies related to health and safety of workers and the customers.

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