How to Build Effective Personal Impact


Personal impact is defined as the powerful impression, the influence one leaves on others with his working attitude. It is a combination of self confidence, positive attitude, good communication and interpersonal skills.

In today’s competitive time, personal impact is more than merely an individual’s assets. It affects the performance of the company. The leaders must know that their personal impact is helpful in product branding, employee branding and company branding. A leader’s personal impact is a direct way to connect with people in order to implement business strategy, persuading, selling and convincing. If the leader has this ability, he will be able to motivate and draw his employee’s attention towards achieving organizational goals. People all over the world have been able to excel themselves in different areas of their interest such as corporate leaderships, laws, medical and other profession. If we study them, we may find that most of them don’t have technical knowledge; still they were able to achieve the success. They have been able to achieve desired success in their area of professional interest just because they have been able to demonstrate these skills. A leader doesn’t appoint himself as leader, its his personal impact that makes others follow him. As leaders never give examples, they set examples.

How to build effective personal impact in organization

Leaders need to work on the art of creating powerful and effective personal impact.

Role of Personal Impact in the ORGANIZATION:

Personal impact directly affects the overall performance of the ORGANIZATION. It starts with an individual and ends up with the organization. For example, the Apple Company is known as one of the most successful company. Though it was started by Late Steve Jobs and Steve Wojniak, but his personal impacthas helped the company in every way as the company survived in all the situations and is still running successfully. Now even after the CEO of Apple is Tim Cook, the company still holds the place in the market. Steve Jobs became the leader and showed everyone his professional skills and introduced the company in the market where others companies were its strong competitors. He is well known for his communication and interpersonal, selling and motivational skills. His personal impact helped in product branding and product branding further led to company branding.

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Followings are a few points on how to build effective personal impact in organization:

  • IDEAS:Ideas are one of the most important things to prove you as a leader. It is said that the way to get noticed is to quality work. In this competitive age, you need innovative ideas.
  • Be Energetic:Being energetic while at work is like a magnet. When you show your hard work in the ORGANIZATION, you will automatically build your strong impression. This is one more quality of a leader to leave a strong personal impact.
  • Motivator:Motivation is required in any organization to inspire and influence employees to achieve Organizational goals. It’s more of an emotional attachment. If you can emotionally inspire and motivate the employees, you prove yourself to be a good team leader.
  • Supporter:A good leader has to be a good supporter as well to help his employees. It shows your openness towards your organization and will provide better opportunities.
  • Personal Strategies:While working in an ORGANIZATION, personal strategies help you in exploring your skills. The working methods, different plan actions, strong communication, interpersonal skill and networking together form the personal strategies.
  • Vision:An Organizational vision means the goals, which the organization has decided. There may be some near visions like goals of next two months, or may be goals set for a complete year. A vision should be specific, communicable and connected with strategic advances for the organizations.

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