Essay on Managing and Developing People

 Essay - Leadership Skills for Managing and Developing People

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Managing and developing people begin with a better leadership. Leadership serves the purpose of bring out the best in others. Managing and developing people needs leadership qualities in the employee. One should know that at times, the term manager and leader differs from each other. A manager’s job in any organization is to plan, coordinate and organize while a leader’s work is to inspire and motivate the employees. As a manager, one needs to ensure the employees that they are learning, growing and have a positive and productive future.

The important key force the drives the employees to work on their best efforts is the development. This is the factor which inspires the team to work for the desired organizational goal. Best leaders provide an environment to the employees where they can learn and share their talents. Leaders focus on efficiently and effectively helping to transform newly hired employees into peak performers. Leaders should diagnose the employee’s current development level. He should be flexible in supporting and offering the required amount of direction for the employees.

Following is a list of leadership skill required for managing and developing people at work place:

  • Good performance management:  An effective performance management should fulfill the criteria of having clear, easily defined job descriptions for each day specific position in the organization. It should have talent management and leadership management. It should maintain a balance between priorities of organization and its employees. It should give required information on promotions and salary increments. The goals set for the future performance should be mutually agreed on and should be smart goals; like specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.
  • Business Ethics & Coaching: A leader should tell his team about all the ethics required in business strategy and functioning. Proper coaching and training of business ethics leads to the maximum growth. He should provide timely and effecting coaching that gets employees to see how they can do even better. Coaching is also used to improve the performance and to develop and position for success those who are already strong performers.
  • Encourage learning:  People learn in there and they share what they have learnt from others. Sometimes, working in team, team members lack behind in their performance. Leaders should know how to do an effective talent management. If the talent management in the organizational behavior is good, it can lead into leadership development. Here one gets the opportunities to give personal impact.
  • Meetings and feedbacks: An organization needs to hold meetings, receive, and pass feedback properly and timely. Meetings and feedbacks are the way of communication between higher hierarchy and employees. These can be organized according to requirement. These vary lie within organizational change. There can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly meetings. In meetings, employees give and receive feedbacks. Leaders also pass positive and constructive feedback to encourage its employees. It is also a form of business and market research where they can put their innovative idea about the current market scenario.

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