Unit 3 Organisations and Behaviour Assignment Help

This assignment is common for the BTEC HNC certificate in Business and HND Diploma in Business. HND Organisations and behaviour Assignment is part of the unit 3 for both course.

Assignment Title: Analysing Organisations  Behaviour

This assignment assesses your understanding of behaviour in organisations. Students are expected to demonstrate the knowledge and practical methods they have acquired regarding organisation behaviour, structure and culture, and explore issues among other things of motivation, communication, leadership, decision-making, power and organisational change. Your answers should reflect both a foundation of theory and an ability to apply the concepts in practice in the work environment.

TAKE ANY ONE (1) ORGANISATION WITH WHICH YOU ARE FAMILIAR and consider the behaviour of individuals and groups within that organisation. When required by the question, you should compare that organisation with other organisations, which may be competitors in the same industry, or others you know or have learned about.

You should carefully set out and address each of the tasks set out below. if you do this you will have met all the assessment criteria and so provided evidence that you have achieved each of the four (4) Learning Outcomes for this Unit.

Task 1. Management and Leadership

1.1. Compare the effectiveness of different leadership styles in different organisations. 1.2. Explain how organisational theory underpins the practice of management. 1.3. Evaluate the different approaches to management used by different organisations.

Task 2 : Structure and Culture

2.1. Compare and contrast different organisational structures and culture.

2.2. Explain how the relationship between an organisation’s structure and culture can impact on the performance of the business.

2.3 Discuss the factors which influence individual behaviour at work.

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Task 3: Using Theories of Motivation

3.1 Discuss the impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation in organisations and behaviour within periods of change.

3.2 Compares the application of different motivational theories within the workplace.

3.3 Evaluate the usefulness of a motivation theory for managers.

Task 4: Developing Teamwork

4.1 Explain the nature of groups and group behaviour within organisations.

4.2 Discuss factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork in organisations.

4.3 Evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within a given organisation.

Task 4

Developing Teamwork

4.3 Evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within a given organization.

Organization is where different people work together to achieve a common goal and different persons in an organization has to behave in a certain way so as to maintain the work environment. So, the study of the behaviour of different individuals at work is called the study of Organization Behaviour. In a business organization many people work together to achieve a common purpose, and the collection of these people are together known as Team. Team functioning is affected by many factors like Leadership, Organization’s culture, Competition, Technology, etc.

Google, which is a well-known organization, provides variety of tools to help all kinds of business to succeed. They enabled entrepreneurs and publishers around the world, they provide products like Chrome and android, they are also into Advertising and other productivity tools like Google Code, Google drive, Google plus etc. (Google, 2015) Google believes working in teams to enhance productivity in the work. (CIPD, 2008) Technology plays a very significant role in Google because all the work is connected to technologies; it allows them to work more efficiently.

Technologies are drastically changing the functioning of business organizations. With the updation in the technology, the team should update themselves in order to function effectively. Modern technologies which improved the functions of organization’s team are Mobiles, Internet, Social media, computers, laptops, etc. Let us analyse the impact of Technology on the team functioning of Google:

  • Better communication: Technology improved the communication among the group members. Communication helps in better team building. Different group members of Google are in touch and communicate to each other even if they are not at the same place at the same time.
  • Business Strategies: Technologies helps the team members to make better business strategies. The emergence of Information Technology brought new opportunities to the team members of Google to develop innovative products and services. For e.g.: Recently Android TV’s are launched in the market which is totally a new concept in the market.(TIME, 2014)
  • Better Organization Culture: Technology helps in building better organization culture. Google is well known for providing best organization culture to its employees. It is because of this reason, the employees work dedicatedly and they can speak their heart out. Their organization culture is boosted by maintaining open communication among the group members regarding innovations and development of products and services.
  • Efficient productivity: The use of Technologies has become the core of every business. There should be a blend of traditional skills and the use of Information technology in every organization to enhance the productivity. Information technology is used for research, gaining information, for communication, etc. which reduces the time and cost of an organization and hence, increases productivity. (Bardhan, Lin, & Krishnan, 2012)
  • Workplace: With the use of technologies in an organization, the distance between the team members of the group, distance between the offices located at different locations, is eliminated. People can communicate through Internet and mobiles, thereby reducing the costs of travel and relocation. People can also work from home. Technologies provide flexibility at the workplace like there are many offices of Google across the globe but the employees connects through Technology.
  • Management Processes: Technologies are helping the organization’s teams to perform the functions like maintaining databases, doing business through online websites, market surveys, etc. These are performed more efficiently in less time and costs, with the help of technology. Also, it provides help in gaining information from different sources and using that information to take efficient decisions.(Molleman & Slomp, 2006)

The development of technology impacted the team functioning of the organizations and helping them to flourish and grow in future.

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