Unit 3 Developing Manager Assignment

This HND Developing Manager Assignment Solution had been prepared for the HND Travel and Tourism course unit 3 Developing Manager, given in Icon College of Technology and Management.

LO1 Present a portfolio of yourself by completing the following tasks:

A. Assess your own management skills performance and present a catalogue of essential management skills you possess along with your honest opinion about those skills.

During the management course, I had undergone several levels of training in order improve on my management skills:

Firstly, I am a confident person and pay a lot of heed to the way I carry myself. I am highly self-motivated and need no external motivation to look forward in order to excel in a working environment. Also, I am a very good data analyst where I have a good understanding and a good quality to perform data analysis and suggest recommendations based on the findings. Also, I have good communication skills and a good team player. I motivate others to work in conjugation with me in order to meet and have resolutions to the complex requirements in business. I am also result oriented and take good care in maintaining quality for the works I deliver.

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B. Produce a Strength, Weakness. Opportunities and Threat analysis on yourself, and submit an analysis statement in connection with the above essential management skills.

Following is the SWOT Analysis that I did for myself:



*        Good Team Player *        Possess good Communication skills; *        Good Team leader. *        Self-Motivated *        Good Team Player*        Flexibility; *        Foreign languages. *        Impatient at times.



*        To progress in my career by streamlining the processes of WTD that are not managed properly. *        To capitalize on new roles that are offered to me at the beginning of my career. *        Work on all the related domains and cross functional departments.*        Competition from the colleagues at the same level. *        The nature of managers. *        Policies of WTD.


C. Present a diary of events to outline the setting and prioritizing objectives and targets to develop own potential for the next 4 years.

Priority of Objective and Targets

  1. Judge the challenges in hand and propose probable solutions.
  2. Should be able to showcase my skills in the most apt situations in the organization.
  3. Device more ways to communicate more effectively with the colleagues.
  4. Aim to take up additional responsibility and move to higher roles in quicker time.
  5. Lead a complete department of WTO in the coming future.

Your Chief Executive requested all Management Trainees in your department including you to present a Management Report on following to your field staff after thorough desk research. Your report should compare a minimum THREE appropriate theories for each concept you explore.

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A. Discuss how would you lead and motivate a team of field staff to achieve promoting “Whitechapel” as  new Tourist Destinations at the forthcoming World Travel Market exhibition scheduled to be held at the O2 Arena in February 2014.

As part of the leading and motivating the field staff I would be doing the following tasks as part of my tasks to promote the Tourist Destination (Kim, 2007):

  • As most of the process in an organization is driven by the individuals who are attached to the tasks mentally and emotionally, I would be following the Vroom’s Expectancy theory in order to motivate the staff, and would emphasize on the fact that with increased level of efforts there would be attaining organizational goals thereby leading to the satisfaction of the personal goals. The end reward is the ultimate motivating factor for an individual in performing a certain task.
  • I would also be following the Maslow’s Motivation Theory whereby I can motivate others to keeping the needs hierarchy intact, which is driven by various layers described in the diagram below:
  • I would also be focusing on the working as a team concept which generally would help in motivating and keeping the team members engaged and motivate them while they are stressed out or depressed (Follett, 2013).
  • In the final part of your report, please justify managerial decisions made to support achievement of promoting “Whitechapel” as a new Tourist Destination at the forthcoming World Travel Market exhibition, and recommendations for any improvements you find necessary.
Motivation Theory for hnd developing Manager assignment

As part of the managerial business decision making , several steps have been taken like reorganizing the organizational structure and adding management trainees to offer special consulting advise for the growth of the companies’ business strategies to have White Chapel as the new tourist Destination. The company can also take up several promotional activities prior to the exhibition through various means like newspapers, social media on the internet, road shows, etc.

Also the WTD can have tie-ups with several airlines and travel registering websites that might help them in getting the best in class coverage by having attractive deals for the consumers and also help the business expand by entering into strategic partnerships.

As part of the promotion strategy in the exhibition it can also provide several first mover advantages like providing discounts, bundled offers, special packages, etc.

WTD should also focus on a word of mouth strategy to promote its service offering which will be one of the efficient and a most cost effective strategy for WTD.

(LO 3)

A. Write a commentary explaining how your own managerial and personal skills will support your career development.

I am a person who is highly confident and extrovert. As highlighted earlier, I will not be required to have any external motivations in the beginning of my career as I am highly self-motivated and dedicated to the tasks I am assigned to.

Moreover, as I am a very good team player who motivates and encourages group activity, it will be an add-on benefit to the business in retaining the employees as well as motivate them to work with crisp deliverables. This will enable that the work like the various promotion activities at the exhibition are achieved with utmost proficiency and gather more and more awareness for the expansion vision of WTD. Also there would be highly task oriented task defined and a more systematic and a task driven approach for all the assignments given to me as I am good in analysing things and also have a strong data analysis ability to jump to fruitful conclusions based on accurate data.

At the personal level, being a workaholic person I still try to maintain a perfect balance between the personal and professional life and thereby have the innate capability to also influence others to do the same as personal life is equally essential as that of the work life (Beausaert, 2013).

Moreover, my ability to make others motivated through the work I do and my communication skills will create a positive aura around the place.

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B. You are required to produce a development Plan for yourself, after critically reviewing your career and personal development needs, your current performance as a management trainee, and future needs.

Developmental activities needs to be addressed with utmost affectivity which is part of the Developmental Plan. I need to work on my interpersonal skills to nurture and motivate other members in the team. I would also need to focus on the following tasks in order to create and develop a successful plan as part of the career growth:

  • Should be capable enough to be able to prove myself in the organization with the various managerial learnings and the aspects to develop the same.
  • Analyse the problems in hand with utmost certainty and clarity to provide rich results.
  • Aim to take up additional responsibility on various fronts like managerial, supervision, analytical and move to higher roles in quicker time.
  • Several team building skills needs to be worked upon by me so that there are lesser conflicts and more bonding in the working team.
  • I would also like to lead any of the departments of the organization based on the skills that I develop over the years along with the expertise in order of scale and magnitude. Further based on the relationship I develop with the subordinates I would also be able to develop and nurture the expectations of the team that I would be leading (Addison, 2000).
  • Lay out several developmental plans for the growth of WTD in the new markets. WTD as a company has several developmental plans which are focused on having several plans for the near future. Therefore, with my managerial skills as well as the various soft skills that I possess I want to take the organization to new levels of development on the Global front and capitalize on its means to attain the global expansion plans.


Addison, A. C. 2000. Emerging trends in virtual heritageMultimedia, IEEE, 7(2), 22-25. Beausaert, S. and et.al. 2013. Effect of using a personal development plan on learning and development. Journal of Workplace Learning. 25(3). pp.145 – 158. Giaoutzi, M., &Nijkamp, P. (2006). “Emerging trends in tourism development in an open world. Tourism and regional development: New pathways,” 1-12. Follett M. P., 2013, Essential management skills, online, available on www.connecting.co.uk/systemsandservices/icd/informspec/careerplan/phi/personal/learningweb/technical/management, accessed on 21/12/2013. Kim, H., Cheng, C. K., & O’Leary, J. T. 2007. Understanding participation patterns and trends in tourism cultural attractions. Tourism Management, 28(5), 1366-1371. Oates S., 2011, Personal Management Skills, online, available on www.articles.com/ personal-management-skills.html, accessed on 21/12/2013.

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