Unit 2 Principles of Health and Social Care

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Task 1

  • – The service users have to be cared at the ABC Care Home. This could be done with the help of application of certain principles of support. We can follow these principles so that the people who are given the social and health care get the proper treatment. We should respect these individuals and provide those equal benefits and treatment without any discrimination on the basis of their caste, creed, religion, gender or demography. They should be provided with the facilities in the dignified manner. They have to keep safe from any kind of ill effects of medicine or side’s effects. The information pertaining to each individual should be kept confidential and private. The care and service providers should talk politely and with preferred language and methods of effective communication in health and social care. The care taker should support people to the best of their capability or the potential. Based on the feedback of the doctors, they should give them effective and proper medicines.
  • – The various procedures that could be adopted for protecting the clients and colleagues from harm are:
  • By Developing supportive associations and relationships.
  • Giving them instructions and manuals of operations and living at the care Home.
  • Giving them anti-harm procedures and harm avoidance procedures.
  • Maintaining confidentiality in their reports, processes and communication.
  • By assigning individual responsibilities for the care takers for each service user for quality and efficiency of service.
    • – In case we will follow the person centric approach with the service users at Care Home then we will be able to concentrate well on people (Stuart & Sundeen, 2005). We will be able to provide them maximum benefits and health social care. They will be happy and satisfied with our services. They will be able to recover well and early. This way they will be able to speak and communicate with us better. This way the care takers would be able empathize with them well. And when the service users as well as the care takers would be able to understand each other then the services automatically will become effective. The services will become more flexible and as per the requirements of the individuals.
    • – There can be situation where the conflicts as well as the ethical dilemmas may arise among the various elderly people and the care takers. Elderly people are like children they cannot be easily persuaded. They require extra care and treatment. Sometimes they scream and shout like small kids asking for things which may be against the policy, rules of regulations of the Care Home. It becomes difficult situation or an ethical dilemma in deciding as to what has to be done in this situation. Care Takers get attached to these service users that they cannot see these individuals suffering and at the same time cannot go against the policies and regulations of the Care Home. Like in the Scenario given the ethical dilemma is that it is against the policy of the Care Home to allow Alcohol and Cigarettes but it becomes difficult to stop Mrs. M from doing it as she is unable to understand. At the same time when she suffers from pain, the service givers do not like her to suffer. So the conflicts can also arise in terms that they can ask her to leaving the bad habits that are reasons for her problem but she does not agree.
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Task 2

2.1 – The various policies, legislations, regulations and codes of practice that would be relevant to own work at ABC homes are:

  • Every Child Matters – In this it is important to consider that each and every child matters in the UK. They should remain healthy, fit and fine. They should be given unbiased services, treatment and medication. They should be given the opportunity for achieving and enjoying their lives (Baumrind, 1967).
  • Rights to action – It is essential that each and every individual and child improves his way of living through education, training and equal learning opportunities. They should be given an environment of safe home and community.
  • Quality Protects – Under this initiative, there were five major objectives: children should e given equal learning and development opportunities, they are protected from physical, emotional and sexual abuse, they should get equal opportunity for health, social and educational opportunities, the children with specific needs are given priority like: disabled children, career planning and development services. Quality of services does matter.
  • Children First – Children are the future of the country. They have to be treated, helped and organized first keeping aside the other people.

Similarly, the legislations as set were:

  • Care Standard Act, 2000.
  • Health and Social Care Act, 2012.
  • Equality Act, 2010.
  • Human Rights Act, 1998.
  • Children Act, 1989.
  • Mental Health Act, 1983.

These policies and regulations will help in becoming the part of the Care Home. When they are implemented as per government guidelines then there would be uniformity and strict application and better delivery of services.

2.2 Policies and procedures can be developed in ABC Care Home in accordance with national policy requirements in the following ways:

  • Each and every individual working for ABC Homes should be assigned his specific roles and responsibilities. When there is division of work then the accuracy and efficiency could easily be brought about in the system.
  • They should be given training in understanding the various codes, principles and legislations so that they effectively implement them in their duties. Training will help them in getting to know on the right methods of the implementation of health and social care.
  • They should be kept motivated and mentored so that they are able to understand the importance of the various policies and procedures and help children, elderly people to survive and effectively remain service users.
  • Not to encourage any kind of policy or legislation exploitation among the team.
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2.3 The impact of policy, legislation, regulation, and codes of practice on policies and practices of ABC Care Home could be explained as under:
  • It will help in regulation of this home. The implementation of policies, responsibilities and rules will help in the regulation and maintenance of the ABC Care Home well.
  • It will help in effective implementation of the inspection procedures. There would be key guidelines that need to be followed for controlling the various systems and processes. These guidelines could be inspected well for the health environment in the Care Home.
  • Certain minimum standards could be achieved in the Care Home.
  • Care Workers would not be exploitation for extra work or lesser opportunities. Their issues or problems if any need to be addressed on priority. They have to be treated with respect (Jamieson, 1991).

By the implementation of the standards, policies, procedures and the guidelines, Care Home would be able to achieve a status of well being, healthy and social care facilities. They will be able to satisfy the needs and requirements of the individuals. They will be able to serve the humanity on the set standards.

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Task 3

  1. There are certain theories that underpin the work as a Care Worker in ABC Care Homes:

Psycho-Analytical Theory of Human Development – The most important ingredient of the health and social care is the way the communication is being done between the care worker and the service user. It helps in maintaining and keeping the association and health relationship. When the relationship would be strong, the people would be able to understand and empathize with each other providing well being services. In this theory it has been explained that there are different requirements in the individuals starting from the birth till the old age. When a child is born, he needs trust. From 1-3 years, shame and doubt starts coming in his personality, initiative Vs guilt comes in the age group of 3-6 years, industry Vs inferiority comes in between 6 to 11 years of age. When a child grows and becomes adult, isolation and intimacy are the key factors that affect his personality. The factors of integrity Vs despair come in the old age of an individual. So each and every life stage has different demands so accordingly they should be given treatment at Care Home.

Learning Theories – This is basically explaining that individuals learn from observation, their environment and acts of others. Their internal mental states are the part of their learning personality (Glanz et al, 2008). Learning does not essentially mean that there would occur the change in behavior or the personality of an individual. Although each and every individual has its own nature and the way of living in his life but what is most important is how he is being nurtured for the various benefits and services that he should get in Care Home. He should get health and social care facilities for the easy and speedy recovery.

Cognitive Theories – These are the theories that explain the development of the cognitive minds of an individual. They tend to coordinate and operate in different ways or styles. These cognitive behaviors should be monitored and understood well for the effective implementation.

Biological Theories – These are the theories explaining the biological behavior of one individual differs from another. But certain behaviors are common on all that they exhibit. This behavior differs and may be result of the difference of opinions in future course of action.

Socio-Biological Theories – This theory explains that an individual may be same or different biologically but his needs and requirements for the social environment are same. Each and every individual would like to remain in social circle and enjoy his activities.

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3.2 Service users in Care homes are the bereaved individuals that have lost the touch with their relatives and friends. They need extra care and human treatment from the care workers in these homes. They require that people should listen to them and understand their needs well. Social processes in the care homes help them in the following ways:

  • It helps them in remaining in the good state and thinking that they are not in isolation.
  • They are able to share their views and ideas with others.
  • This way care workers are able to associate with service users and extract essential information.
  • The care planning service for the service users is planned and implemented efficiently. The services if have loopholes then neither the care workers nor the service users would be satisfied and happy.
  • The needs and requirements of these individuals could be assessed easily and accurately.
  • Specific person centric approach is being followed and these service users are elated as special attention is paid to them.
  • Equality and ample opportunities without any biased is given to the service users. Each and every service user is important for the organization. They should be rendered equal respect and treatment. Their requirements and needs should be addressed and met in time.
  • Strengths are built into the system – When the issues are addressed and resolved or a plan is developed for it then there are built various strengths into the system. These strengths will then make the entire system stronger from all round perspectives.
  • All the difficulties are removed by the effective implementation of the various social, religious activities.

Hence the social processes help in the effectively planning for the health and social care of the service users.

3.3 Inter-professional working always helps in the maintaining of the efficient and strong relations and associations. It helps in streamlining the various processes, operations and assessments. It helps in improving the sharing of the information among the various professionals. It also helps in improving the efficiency of the entire Care System at the ABC Homes. The care provision is coordinated well. It improves the care, facilities, planning and commissioning processes for health and social care. Social workers and the service users start complementing each other. It reduces the work load and encourages flexibility in operations. It helps in making a strict adherence to the codes, policies, legislation and the procedures. Each and every care worker will start getting support from the other. There is increased functional, personal and social health of the service users as well as care worker. It also helps in spreading or sharing of the skills and competencies. It brings about job satisfaction, safety and security for the professional relations and environment. It helps in curbing the errors and mistakes that used to occur in the health services. Once the relations are established for the inter-professional ones, the employees as well as the service users will remain motivated and excited to share their issues and problems.

Task 4

4.1 As a new Manager for the ABC Care Home, I would have the following roles, responsibilities and duties in order to resolve the failings mentioned by CQC (Applebaum et al, 1987).

  • First of all I will ensure that the quality, policies, codes of conduct and the procedures as circulated to the individuals are being followed or not. In case as per the report they are not adhered, I will immediately make sure to call for a meeting of the workers and explain them the importance of them. I will at the same time warn them and apply fines in case they are not being implemented.
  • I will also take meetings and individually meet the service users to understand their issues and problems so that I can on priority attend and address them. This way I will be able to resolve the problems on both sides of the service users and the care workers.
  • I will study the existing system and processes and understand whether they suit the business environment and model of the care home. In case they need amendment, the task would be to refer to the government guidelines and implement them in our systems.
  • Certain posters, guidelines and procedures are required to be displayed on the notice board as well as rooms of the service users for the awareness purposes.
  • Risk Management and Control process training would be organized for the entire team of care workers so that they understand the importance of the plan and the way that they need to follow in case any problem or risks arise.
  • Reasonable steps and ways would be explained to the care workers as well as service users so that they have their own management in case any severe problem arises.

The report given CQC has to be replied as after finding in case I conclude that there have been loopholes in my system and earlier methods of operations then I need to give them the deadline. This deadline would be pertaining to the effective management and making the care home a comfortable place for the service users. Not only me as manager, I will make sure each and every care worker is aware of the report and future objectives and plan of action for the implementation.

4.2 As the report given by CQC is negative and carry a lot of shortfalls or the loopholes that the care home is failing to implement so the immediate contribution for the development and implementation of organizational policy for the care home would be:

  • Setting of the targets and objectives – The objectives and targets need to be set so that the loopholes or the shortfalls given by CQC should be overcome on the priority basis. Each objective should have specified target deadline so that within that time it is being achieved.
  • Assigning of the individual roles and responsibilities – For each target as per the skill and competency, the roles and responsibilities to be assigned for various individuals.
  • Monitoring and reviewing of the targets and objectives within the stipulated intervals – Within regular intervals meetings and reviews should be organized to measure the achievement of the objectives and the targets so that accordingly the further plan of action could be developed.
  • Training and development of the existing and new team of care workers – In order to equip the care workers with the necessary skills and competencies, they should be given proper training and development opportunities. In case they have any issues then senior mentor should help them in its resolution (Tudor Hart, 1971).
  • Providing opportunities and resources as an equal treatment for the care workers – Bias or unequal opportunities should never be given to the care workers. They all should be treated with equal respect and rendered values.
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4.3 The various recommendations that I would like give as my own contributions to meeting good practice requirements in ABC care home in the future are:

  • Development of the effective benefits and policies for the care workers so that their motivational levels should always remain high.
  • Introducing the training and development opportunities for all the care workers so that they remain equipped with the necessary skills and competencies of health and social care.
  • Introduction of the essential machinery, equipments and the appliances which will make the work easier and quality oriented.
  • Development of the polices and procedure guidelines training on weekly basis so that even the new staff appointed will be aware of them.
  • Strict guidelines on the fine should be declared and displayed on the notice board to make the people aware that in case they will not follow the rules and regulations then there would be huge fine. Not only this; they may even lose jobs in case they do not adhere regularly and regular complaints are received for any care worker.
  • Monthly grievance meetings would be organized for the care workers in order to know the issues that have been persisting in the company.

As a manager, it becomes my immediate responsibility to know the care workers as well as the service users who are living in the ABC homes. Then the second task would understand the problems and the issues that are required to be addressed in the company. This will help me in making the assessment of the intensity of the issues and problems that are persisting. This will help me in attending and addressing those issues on priority basis (Weinstein et al, 2003).

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