Unit 15 Develop Plan and organizational Performance

This is a solution of Organisational Performance Plan Assignment that is given for the unit 15 named, managing business activities to achieve results in which we discuss Developing plan and performance of specific organisation.

Business management processes require constant renovation and changes as per the trend to survive in the tough and competitive business environment. Companies these days maintain a parallel research and development team who constantly work in this direction in order to bring the competitive edge in the market (Davenport & Short, 1990). The report will discuss the importance of the different business procedures which are used to bring desired results and achieve the set goal by the company with reference to the company General Electric. The report of organizational performance plan assignment will also discuss the correct systems which are used to bring quality in the services and products of the company and the impact of these processes on the work organization results in the long run.

Task 1

1.1 Evaluate the interrelationship between different processes and functions of General Electric.

The company believes in following the concept of innovation and this run through all the different processes and functions of the organization. Flexibility and adaption are the reasons which define the existence of the organization for such a long time (O'Boyle, T. F. 2011). The company believes in the fact that to run successfully and to give competitive edge to the other companies it is important that they as a team constantly renovate all the procedures and functions at various levels and also adapt the recent trend prevailing at that time of hour. Risk and feedback are two aspects which any company should focus on and believe in the taking it sportingly and positively. Constructive and positive feedback always gives an opportunity to the companies to look at the procedure and functions once more and evaluate the viability of it. It also allows the company to change and adapt even better process through control.

1.2 Justify the methodology to be used to map the processes to the General Electric’s goal and objectives.

The company follows Six Sigma, Lean and CAP (change acceleration process) which constantly improves the business processes and business management functions. The company also follow the many key process metrics which make sure that the company is achieving some success and are on the path of the progress and growth along with achieving the objectives set by the organization.

Six sigma basically is the process which aims to improve the quality of the functions undertaken by the organization(Davenport & Short, 1990). This process first identifies the basic cause of the problem or the mistake and then takes actions which minimize the impact of the problem and also improve the manufacturing processes. The processes use various statistical tools under the set of quality management procedure which enable a set of people who become the expert in this method (Coronado & Antony, 2002). The method covers various steps which focus on achieving the quality standards as they are significant part of Total Quality Management. These steps may cover anything like for example less process cycle time or reduce costs or enhance customer satisfaction or even increased profits.

Another methodology followed by the company is Lean which is basically is the production practice which focuses on eliminating all those expenditure and other practices other than the creation of value for the ultimate customer to be a waste (Arnheiter&Maleyeff, 2005). The value according to this method is anything for which the end customer is willing to pay.

1.3 Evaluate the output of the process and the quality gateways.

The output is quite visible as the company follows all the effective methods from Six Sigma to Lean to their own formulated CAP (change acceleration process). The result is also visible in the term of the success and progress which the company achieved over the period of time (Ashkenas et all, 1997). Accepting the change and training the employees to accept those change become the crucial factors which resulted in the positive outcome of the business.

Organizational Performance Plan Assignment

Task 2

2.1 Design plans which promote goals and objectives for own area of responsibility.

The company follows constant process improvement which is directly related to what the customer expect from the company and this defines the company basic objective which is followed at all levels of the organization.The company follows a unique process called CAP (change acceleration process) which is devised by the team of experts who worked extensively and researched to devise this process. If we break down the process, it means a method which can be described as the effectiveness of any process is directly dependent on the quality of the product which can be achieved through understanding the technical business strategy and the acceptance of that technology on all levels. It also point out the importance of the people of the company which should be given equal importance as technical part of the organization is given. It is important to adapt different and modern technology as and when they come but it is also very important that those changes are well accepted by the people who will work on that technology (Webster, 1992).  So basically if the change in the organization is not accepted well then there will be very less effectiveness of that change and it would finally fail resulting in the losses.

2.2 Write objectives, which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based to align people and other resources in an effective and efficient way to achieve results.

The objective of the company should be first to constantly bring new practices which will result in the favorable outcome and since the company is in business from over a century now so it is important to manage the people who can accept those changes easily and for that it is important to strike a perfect balance between the two aspects which are change and acceptance (Ashkenas et all, 1997). Change will help the organization to adapt the new technologies which can change the face of the business constantly. It can be through adapting new technologies and eliminating the old and obsolete one; it can also be changing the old practices which are out of date and harming the company results.

2.3 Implement appropriate systems to achieve objectives in the most efficient way, on time, to budget and meeting organizational standards of quality.

To implement the discussed objectives the company follows six sigma process and CAP (change acceleration process). Six Sigma enables the company to maintain high quality management in business and quality of the services and products they offer and also ensure that quality is achieved at all level of organization. The company is in constant mode of change as there is something or the other technology which is obsolete and need to be replaced(Webster, 1992). So only those people can survive who can accept the change and work accordingly. Acceptance by the people is very important and CAP help in achieve that. It helps the employees to accept the change in the most effective way so that the company can retain old employees and increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

2.4 Carry out work activities meeting the operational plans through effective monitoring and control.

Following are discussed activities which are needed to be carried out: -

  1. Effective leadership to bring change

Such big firm requires some influential leaders who are effective and efficient and set an example in front of employees so that they can follow them and idolize them. Leadership plays a crucial role in this scenario(Webster, 1992).

  1. Creating a motive shared by all the employees

The main motive of the leader is to create a base for the employees so that they can share a common goal and achieve the desired results in the most effective manner.

  1. Focus on quality

Quality plays a very important role in the success of the products and services. So it is very important to set a quality standard as people will expect high quality from the company like GE. Also, it is very important to maintain that high quality for over the period of time which will help the customer to always stick to the brand (Tidd&Bessant, 2011).

  1. Clear and legitimate vision

Leader must set a clear and legitimate vision for the employees. It will help them to set their mind and they will work keeping in mind the vision. The vision should be aligned with the goal of the company.

  1. Formulating the influential strategy

After deciding the above discuss steps, the next important step should be formulating the effective business strategy to achieve those goals. The strategy set should be achievable and measurable.

  1. Bringing the change

Now is the time to bring the change when the employees are completely ready to accept the change and will effectively follow the strategy in order to achieve the desired results.

  1. Monitoring and control

Those changes should be brought with extreme care and should be monitored at every step. Monitoring is very important as it will help them to achieve the result in the effective way and the chances of any mistake will minimize. Same in the case of control which helps the company to constantly change and correct the practices which are not very effective in nature (Tidd&Bessant, 2011).

  1. Changing the structure as per the need of the hour

As per the change in technologies, it is also important to bring change in the structure as per the need and requirement.

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Task 3

3.1 Designs systems to manage and monitor quality standards specified the General Electric.

There are two processes that can be used as a system to monitor and manage quality standards. These two processes are six sigma and lean process. Six sigma is used for identifying and eliminating the defect if any and also bringing high quality standards. Discussed is the Lean method in detail which will ensure the creation of value.

  1. Specify value: In this step the manager should determine the values which are set by the customer for the product and express it accordingly.
  2. Map the value stream: next step should identify all the steps through which a product or services are reached to the customer. Out of those steps the manager eliminates those steps which are not value added and which are adding value to the product (Antony &Banuelas, 2002).
  3. Establish flow: it is also important to measure the glow which ensures the continuous movement of the product and services. It also includes information which flows ate various stages.
  4. Implement pull: it is important to implement the pull strategy under this where change in the process will only take place when the need is felt from the customer side.
  5. Work to perfection: the process completely eliminate those steps which are waste and are only a liability for the company. This finally ensures the quality control and also ensures that the perfection is achieved.

3.2 Demonstrate a quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the process.

Following are the six concept which the company follows discussed in detail: -

  1. Critical to quality: -it is important to maintain quality in order to retain the customer so if the quality will not be up to the mark the customer will react accordingly (Coronado & Antony, 2002). There is direct relationship between the two.
  2. Defect: - it includes anything which proves to be a failure and brings down the profit of the company. It also includes all those things which prove to be a failure in the eyes of the customer satisfaction and their specification.
  3. Process capability: - it is capability of the process performed by the company which give same results every time. The focus should be achieve those results every time and even encompassing those result and achieve new heights.
  4. Variation: - variation is the difference which the happen in the process and the customer notices in quality of products and services. The main motive of six sigma is to reduce this and achieve the same results over the years.
  5. Stable operations: - stability in the operations is important as this is what is expected by the customers in the form of product feel. Accuracy is important as it will decide the future of the products and the organisation.
  6. Design for six sigma (DFSS): - design which meet the customer satisfaction and enhance the process capability. It is important to bring it into practice as early as possible (Antony &Banuelas, 2002).

3.3 Report on the wider implications of proposed changes within the General Electric.

The rate at which change is happening around is phenomenal. Whether it’s a company or organisation or it is personal lives of the people, change is happening in all part of the world. In fact change is the only factor which is common and constant, everything else around is changing at a very fast pace. The change in the company in terms of product and processes is derived by technology, information flow, globalization and customization. It is also influenced by customer and employees expectations and expectations from various stakeholders.

Present environment obviously results in some difficult challenges like scares resources or energy constraints. Beside these challenges, the company also faces some competitive challenges from other companies which constantly working to improve their processes. All these factors go hand in hand and GE handles all the changes very effectively.

Task 4

4.1 Carry out risk assessment as require by legislations, regulation and organizational requirement ensuring appropriate action is taken.

Risk can be defined as an activity which is uncertain in nature and can sometime be hazardous due low or higher exposure. It might harm the property that is why it is called hazardous. In companies, risk management has become an important activity and includes identification of risk, assessing the risk, in order to manage it, developing effective business strategy. Some risks are traditional in nature and risks occur due to physical and legal causes. There can also be financial risk management, which can occur due to multiple reasons. Overall the Objective of risk management is to minimize all the risks at different levels (Hamel & Breen, 2013). It can be from any domain or area and there can be various types of risks or threats caused due to environment, technology, competitors, politics and humans. Following are the some of the steps which the company should take in order to do risk assessment: -

  1. Top priority should be given to the test though various processes all across the company should be undergone. The test ensures that no stone is left unturned in order to achieve the high quality product.
  2. Various methods should be developed which accurately qualify the quality of the product. The research would also be formulated in order to identify the threat at various levels and testing the viability of the product before it goes to the customer.
  3. All the methods must be developed with the motive to test the impact of the fatal development of some ingredients in the products or services offered which can be hazardous. The scope of the product offered by the company is very vast and risk assessment should be conducted at every level.
  4. An appropriate government entity and international organisation should also work on formulating the rules and standards which pose the lesser risk on the customer. Every product should also pass these rules and standards (Hamel & Breen, 2013).

4.2 Demonstrate health and safety regulations and legislation applicable in specific work situations are correctly and effectively applied.

The requirement to identify the health and safety regulations is very important and it should be applicable at all level. Risk minimization can only be achieved through effectively analysing the risk and people willingness to take action in order to reduce it but this is not sufficient (Rausand, 2013). Role of legislation plays a very important role especially in the case where event of negligence occurs which lead to injury and illness. That is why; every company and even every country has their own framework of health and safety laws which are supported by the system and protect the interest of the employees and the customers by naming any negligence which lead to illness or accident a criminal offense. This is done in order to protect the interest of the citizen of the people and the employees working in an organisation. In addition to this, people who get injured or fell ill because of their work have all the right to take the company to the court and ask for well-deserved compensations. If the claims by the injured party proved that the accident happen due to the negligence of the company, they become entitles to pay for the losses. Almost all countries follow their own legislation and various companies also have their own structure of legislation which protects the interest of the people. The laws are entirely different under each country so as in the companies. Companies also have their own structure of rules and regulations which is followed in entirely different manner.

4.3 Carry out a systematic review of organisational health and safety policies and procedures in order to ensure they are effective and compliant.

GE main motive is to protect the interest of the employees by safeguarding the health and safety of them. Apart from this they also believe in protecting the environment and the company firmly believes in it. The company run various programs like management leadership and employee commitment where they make sure that various operations should be undertaken which minimize the risk pose on the employees who are working for the company and also no harm should reach the environment. The policy ensures that the company activities not just focus on managing the waste and stops the emission and see to it that it is handled properly (Cardenas et al, 2011). It also covers simple process as simple as selling product in the right manner, acquiring any new business or customer service. All these actions are undertaken keeping in mind the health and safety of the employees. The company ask and urge it employees to follow following steps: -

  1. Read and follow all the environmental health and safety (EHS) laws and regulations, and policies set General Electric EHS.
  2. It also the responsibility of the employees of the company to create and maintain a safe working environment which prevent any injuries at the workplace.
  3. Assess and understand clearly the risk which can be legal or on image mentioned in EHS before starting any new function or project. It can also be related to selling any new product or acquiring any other business which can be hazardous (Engeman, et al, 2012).
  4. Read the results of EHS impacts which are imbibed by the culture and in the production of any GE’s product or services. They consider it as part of evaluation and define the life cycle of any product.
  5. Any risk which is not natural and not practical is eliminating from GE’s products and services and the practices undertaken by the company.
  6. Company has completely reduced ant toxic and hazardous materials which impact the pollution and focus on conserving and recycling the natural resources (Cardenas et al, 2011).
  7. The company constantly improve its EHS document and bring changes as and when required.
  8. The company also encourage idea which are presented in this direction and evaluate their viability so that it can be taken into considerations.
  9. The mangers are instructed to stay alert all the time and see that no unlawful or unsafe action is undertaken.

4.4 Carry out practical application of health and safety policies and procedures in the workplace.

It is important to understand the importance of the health and safety measures and the company urge to its employees to protest against any unsafe activities and conditions. These situations are discussed as follows: -

  1. The tool used should be safe and any failure in the use of any equipment should be immediately reported.
  2. The company should not use any unlabelled or unapproved chemicals and of it is being practised in any part of the company it should be immediately addressed.
  3. There should be exposed or unsafe wiring and any immediate action must be taken if found any unsafe wire.
  4. There should be proper blocked fire or emergency exits so that the employees can take corrective measures as and when required (Porter & Kramer, 2011). The employees should also be trained from time to time so that right actions can be taken.
  5. In GE premises it is offense to dounsafe driving also it is important wear seat belt all the time as it against GE's driving policies. Failing to which leads to punishments and penalties.
  6. The working place is constructed with high care and it should protect the interest of the employee.
  7. The proper safety measure should be taken around working heavy loads and cranes and people who improperly using cranes should be bring into authorities notice.
  8. Every employee must follow safety measures while working on electrical or powered equipment.
  9. Any unsafely should immediately be addressed if occurs at any customer site
  10. Any serious infectious diseases which can be caused due to any exposure to chemical should immediately be reported.
  11. All the machinery and equipment used should be check before use and all safety control should be practiced before using it.


Managing change effectively has become very important for the entire organizations. It is not only important but also crucial for them in order to survive in the market for the long run. The report has covered all the aspects of managing business activities effectively which ensure that the product achieves quality and with right cost and any change if brought in the organization can be managed well. It also understand the risk assessment and how it is managed taking all the corrective measures. In addition to this, how important is health and safety measures and how it impact the working of the organization. The report has also discussed in detail various methodologies like six sigma, Lean and CAP (change acceleration process).


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