St Patrick college Unit 14 Working Leading People Assignment

This is aSt Patrick College Working Leading People Assignmentin which we discuss recruitment process, leadership role and concepts.


For the better growth of the organisation, constant learning and development is very important and it should be continuous process. It acts like a bridge between the current performance and the performance which is desired to achieve the goal effectively. Not only this, it also help the individual employees to add different learning in their list of competencies and this will also ensure that the employees push themselves to the level where they can deliver the maximum output. Every business, profit or non-profit, small or big, all of them start with the motive that the investment is targeted, planned and monitored in a manner that best possible return can be achieved(Noruzy et all, 2013). That is why business believe in investing the maximum on the training and development plan of the employees because it is the most important and valuable assets of the business.

Assignment 1

Section A

LO1.1: Prepare a job description and person specification for recruiting customer service assistant.

A job description is basically a set of role which is specified with their purpose and the primary task which needs to be carried out by the employees. Every jobs which is needed to be preform in an organisation, has to be done in a unique way and also need some kind of expertise in order to do it effectively (Gerber, et all, 1995). Job description basically discuss in detail about the skills and experience which are required in order to perform the job in the best possible way.

It starts by determining that why that particular post is required in the organisation and where it will fit in the structure. It also helps to determine the complexities and responsibility of a job and in which grade it should be. It is the part of contract of an employee which states that what is expected from them while working in the organisation and it can also be used to measure their performance while appraisal (Gerber, et all, 1995).Following is the list of information which is needed to include in job description and personal specification of customer service assistant: -

  1. Job purpose: - This clearly states the reason of the existence of the job and that too in clear and crisp language in one or two sentences. It will also state the contribution that a particular job will give in the organisation.
    1. Customer service assistant: -to address the customer requirements and meet their demands. Also handle various queries put forward by them.
  2. Main responsibility and activities: - this is list of main responsibility of the employee in clearly mentions in detail about the contribution and the outcome. Each responsibility point out what is needed to be done, to what or with whom and to achieve the end result.
    1. Customer service assistant: -handle the customers by addressing their queries and see to it that subordinates help the customers in finding what they require

LO1.2: Examine the impact of the legislations and ethical consideration that need to be considered in the recruitment and selection process. (Give particular attention to equal opportunity and diversity)

When recruitment process is started it is very important to address all the legal or legislation and ethical considerations. These legal issues will minimise the risk in lot many ways. In fact all the activities which are needed to be done in recruitment like job posting, interview questions, checking the references and making job offers should be as per the legal requirement (Van &Strick,1990). There are various point discussed below which comes under this: -

  1. Job position: - according to BC human rights code the recruiter cannot post a job requirement on the basis of following preference: -
    • Race
    • Colour
    • Place of origin
    • Political beliefs
    • Family status
    • Marital status
    • Physical
    • Sex
    • Sexual orientation
    • Age
  2. Interview: - while interview once need to keep in mind that any discriminatory question should not be asked. Job should be specified in such a way that all the employees should get the equal chance to apply.
  3. Checking references: - while checking references it is important to know that one cannot ask question which are not asked while interview like for example one cannot ask about the disability from the candidate ex- employer if this question is not asked during the interview.
  4. Making the offer: - according to BC human rights code, the employer cannot recruit on the ground of discrimination and everybody should be given equal opportunities (Murphy & Johnson, 2011). One must also make sure that the wages offered should be basis of the skill and experience of the employee not the sex or caste.

LO1.3: Identify the stages, process and methods of selection which should be used for selecting customer service assistant.

Usually recruitment and selection procedure involves different stages that take place over a period of time. It includes job analysis that uncovers the job description and personal specifications which states all the qualities which are required to perform the job in most efficient way. Second is the recruitment advertising that includes attracting and calling people for interview. This is followed by pre-screening of applications and after that the final interview and in the last induction of the employees (Van &Strick, 1990).

Following is the detail discussion of stages of selection process: -

  1. The first stage involves attracting suitable candidates as per job description and posting it on various newspapers and agencies through which candidates can be asked to come for the interview.
  2. On the basis of advertisements various potential candidates apply and then pre-screening is conducted. In this process candidates that suits job description moves forward and other get eliminated.
  3. Now after all this the actual process of selection takes place where all the potential candidates go through a selection process which includes interview and various other techniques.
  4. Once the candidate pass this process, then organisation conduct the background check by checking reference and take the ex-employees testimonial which help the organisation to understand that whatever the candidate have mentioned in the application and interview is true or not.
  5. In the last, induction process take place where candidate is placed and various training and orientation take place.

LO1.4: Evaluate how your role as a HR manager ensures the selection process will be fair and ethical. Justify your answer.

As a HR manager, primarily it is very important to understand the job description very clearly and on the basis of which the candidate should be searched (Bruck, 2014).It is also important to conduct a fair selection process where everybody who meets the requirement of job description can apply. The process should not suffer any type of discrimination. As a HR manager it is also important to clearly check the reference because it will verify the candidate status.

Section B

LO2.1: an explanation of what management is and how it is different from leadership.

A leader and manager different kind of people and they differ in term of motivation, personal history and how they think and act. According to many authors manager have an impersonal approach towards the goal whereas leader have a personal approach towards the goal. Managers usually see work as a process which needs to be enabled with the help of people and ideas which are needed to establish some strategies and decision making. Leaders on the other hand work for some risky positions and take up action which is risky in nature and involve high results (Morgeson et al, 2010). Manager connect to people with whom they work as per the work requirement and they just want to get things done on the other hand leaders are more empathetic towards people and work on the more personal level.

Leadership - St Patrick College working leading people assignment

An individual can be great leader or a great manager or sometimes both but each of these areas requires slightly different skills from another (Morgeson et al, 2010). By simply understanding the role of each area an individual can be a great leader or manager or both.

LO2.2: an explanation of the skills and attributes needed for a leader and how leadership can help the supermarket chain to achieve its goals.

Leadership can be defined as an ability to influence a group of people or a team towards achievement of goal set by any organisation. Leadership is often termed as personality traits and leaders imbibe or inherit it. Organisation now realises the importance and influence of good leader and the companies conduct many training program where they teach and train their managers to be a good leader (Jing& Avery, 2011). It is not very difficult to be a good leader. The person has to be a visionary and believe in his or her team. He or she should have capacity to motivate their team to work towards the goal and generate best desired results. So being a good leader can also be learned. As a leader of supermarket chain leadership involves following functions:-

  1. Motivate and direct the employees
  2. Flexible so that can adapt the changing situations
  3. Responsible for the direction and action of the team
  4. Initiative taking
  5. Taking a positive and constructive attitude towards the failure
  6. Accepting the failure and mistakes on the behalf of the team

LO2.3: a discussion on how would you use leadership styles for different situations such as redundancy, dismissals, grievances and team building.

There are different styles of leadership under which different leaders are categorised. These styles are discussed below: -

  1. Autocratic style: In autocratic the leader exercises a lot of power over team members and also rewards a good performance and punishes the bad one.
  2. Procedural style: in this leader and the team followed a set procedure and the main focus is to get the job done.
  3. Transformational style: it is the one of most ideal style of leadership where leader is believes inspiring the team with their vision and views (Jing & Avery, 2011). The leader under it gives the complete freedom to the subordinate to choose their working style themselves.
  4. Participativestyle: in this type of leadership, leaders take the final decision but subordinates also contribute in the decision making process.
  5. Laissez-faire: under this, employees are the one who collectively take the decision and then leader approves of it.

LO2.4: Discussions on how would you as a HR manager motivate staff to perform in a busy supermarket working environment.

In the super busy super market, work pressure is very high as employees have to face thousands of customers on a daily basis. Not only this, they have to address the customer’s queries and solve them effectively so that they visit again to the shop. Leader’s job is very crucial here as he or she is the one who inspire and motivate the employees to work better and in an efficient manner. For this, leaders must indulge their employees in some type of training to handle pressure (Hallinger, 2011). The leader should also give incentive and recognition to the employees who perform better so that other can also get inspire. He or she should be sensitive enough towards employee’s problems and try to solve them. It is important to make employees to feel and work in supermarket as their own, only then they will be able to perform effectively and leader plays a very pivotal role in doing that.

Assignment 2

Section A

LO3.1: Outline the importance of teamwork and asses the benefits for the Palms Holiday Park.

Team and team work is the most important part of the organisation. Organisation who believes that the individual skill is more important than the team energy than they are highly mistaken and need a reality check. In fact individual employability skills are just the part of the big team and the team only succeed when employees as a team come together to accomplish the common goal (Henderson, 2012). This not only benefits the employees but the entire organisation. Following are the various benefits of teamwork discussed in detail: -

  1. Work efficiency: - when work as a team, employees can achieve much more and faster than doing it alone. So corporation and coordination is important which help in reducing the work load for employees because in team they share the work and responsibility.
  2. Increased accountability: -people who command lot of respect within the organisation tend to increase the accountability of the team working under it as every member of the team become accountable to the work. Employees don’t focus on letting other employee down as when one is working in a team peer pressure is less. Instead they focus on achieving the goal together in most effective manner.
  3. More opportunities: - when a new employee joins in a team, he or she gets more opportunity to learn from experienced employees and colleagues. Working together gives the great opportunity to learn the skill from each other.

LO3.2: Discuss how you would lead a customer service team to deal with the changing needs of customers while working as a team. How would your team members view your leadership approach? Provide examples and justify your answer.

Following are the points which state the leadership practice to lead a customer service team: -

  1. The leader must focus on creating a culture and the customer service should be of high quality. This kind of culture is needed on all levels because this uniformity will clear the motive for the employees.
  2. It is also important for the leader to higher the right people for the right job. So people with good record to work with customers should be given more preference.
  3. Leader work is very similar to coach and when so much is done to establish a culture and tapping the right people and trains them to handle various versatile situations, it is important to make sure that nothing goes wrong (Henderson, 2012). Leader can also identify few top performers and ask them to coach other employees as well which will help the organisation to bring more uniformity in terms of their approach.
  4. Motivation and inspiring people is also very important and leader should motivate employees to work in an effective manner. It should be done on all levels. In the customer service organisation the leader actions should be louder than his words. It should inspire the subordinate to work better.
  5. Delegation of authority is also very important and it gives the opportunity to the employees to take decision at some level. Through this they will understand their job properly and empowering them will also motivate them to work better.

The leadership approach followed here is transformational which is called as most ideal approach as it inspire and motivate employees to work in the most effective manner also the leader set the vision and a culture for the employees. The leader is also giving complete freedom to the employees to express theirview.

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LO3.3: Discuss how team effectiveness can be achieved to ensure the team achieve their goals.

Team effectiveness can be achieved by bringing following points into consideration: -

  1. The team should follow a clear unity of purpose and it should be meaningful and every member should believe in it.
  2. The group should know the process and the functionality of the group so that they achieve the common goal effectively (Sheng et al, 2010).The approach should be clear to all members and mutually agreed upon.
  3. The group should have clear set of target which they wanted to achieve in given time and they have to perform accordingly to achieve those goals.
  4. The atmosphere plays a very important part and it should be informal, comfortable, relaxed and it should motivate employees to work better.
  5. Lot of discussions and debates should be conducted where employees get the chance to put forward their thoughts and observations. This way the team will get the chance to preform even better since they know each other better.
  6. Everybody should get equal opportunity to perform and they should be free to express their feelings and ideas.
  7. Disagreement and conflicts tends to happen but it should be dealt effectively and disagreement should lead towards constructive conclusions.
  8. Decision making also plays a very crucial role as it should be made with mutual agreement with all the members of the team should agree with all the decisions taken by the team.
  9. Constructive criticism is very important and should focus on removing the hurdle in achieving the effective result (Salas &Frush, 2012). It should not be on personal level and should be dealt with extreme care.
  10. Everybody in the team should get the opportunity to become a leader. This will give the opportunity to members to experience to work under all circumstances.

Section B

LO4.1: Discuss the importance of monitoring and assessing work performance. Explain the factors which you would consider in planning assessment of work performance for a customer service assistant.

Monitoring and assessing work performance is very important as it helps the employees to know about their performance and where they need to improve. It will help them to motivate themselves to work better (Ford, 2014). Monitoring enable leader to determine that the work is done as required. Not only this, it also helps the employees to correct themselves whenever they are going wrong. On the broader level two of following discussed points can affect the performance: -

  1. Environmental changes: - many a times the environment changes and with that the organisation also needs to change if they wanted to pursue in business for long run. As per the change in environment, many a time, organisation changes the plans to achieve the target and this target set out the new operational plan. Bringing change in the organisation is always difficult and is not easy so it also affects the work environment and the performance of the employees. It is the duty of the leader to prepare the team to face any kind of changes and adjust according to the changing time. To deal with change effectively leader might has to change the smaller goals and work accordingly.
  2. Resource usage: - utilisation of resources will also affect the wok performance so it is important to achieve the target by effectively by using the resources in the most effective manner.

LO4.2: Describe the stages and methods which you will use in planning and delivering the assessment of personal development needs of a customer service assistant. Provide an example of action plan.

Personal development of an employee’s refers to the steps which the organisation undertakes to encourage each employee’s professional and personal growth. Such employees feel valued by the employers and the motivation level is very high under such circumstances (Noeet all, 2014). The organisation also benefit from the professional and personal growth of the employees.

For this the organisation that is in customer service will focus on employee development even more and the employer must follow following procedure: -

  1. On the job training and orientation of the new employee is very important as it make sure that the employees can adjust fast with the organisation culture and start producing desired results.
  2. Whenever there is something new has to be introduced in the organisation whether it is a process or a new technique, the management in business should make sure that it is applied in the most effective manner and employees get comfortable with it easily.For this, company can also invite the people of other firm from which the company has adopted the technology to train the employees.
  3. In-house training by the co-worker will give the opportunity to the employees to learn new skills and methods which will affect the performance of the organisation.
  4. Personal development can also be contributed by sending top quality worker on various training courses which will give them a lot of exposure and increased efficiency to perform in any environment.

LO4.3: How would you evaluate the success of the performance assessment process? Justify your answer.

Evaluation of success of performance assessment plan is very important as it will help the organisation for future endeavours. Success of performance assessment process can be evaluated on the basis of two broad considerations: -

  1. Is the proper program and the rules are being followed?

It is important to follow the set process to achieve the goals and in performance assessment it is important to evaluate that whether the process follows the set programs and rules or not (Bernardin&Wiatrowski, 2013). It also determines that how effectively following the set process can help to achieve the goal faster.

  1. What is the impact of it on the employees?

Impact on the employees is very important as it will determine what should be done and what not. It also helps the leader to determine the effect of performance assessment on the employees.


Supportive learning environment is very essential to develop the learning organisation and organisation needs to inject the sense of purpose and belongingness in the organisation structure so that the employees can learn and give the best to the organisation. The responsibility of the leader is not only to inspire and influence people but also to identify the loopholes in the working environment and improve it by successfully introducing the effective process which will help the employee to achieve the goals.

One of the most effective and efficient learning method is when it point out the need of learning in professional development of employees and the team.  This efficiency and effectiveness help the organisation to stay in the long run and sustain.

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