Nelson College Employability Skills Assignment

This is a solution of Nelson College Employability Skills Assignment which discuss development of strategies to solve problems at the work place. Dynamics of working in a team has been also discussed.


The Nelson College Employability Skills assignment has been divided into 4 Tasks. All the tasks are based on the employability skills in an individual. Task 1 would give an insight on the responsibilities and the performance objectives in a given situation. Task 2 would be discussing on the interpersonal and transferrable skills. Task 3 would entirely be based on the dynamics of working in a team. There would be development of strategies via which all the problems at the work place could easily be resolved.


Position – Personnel officer

Reporting to: Personnel Manager

1.1  Develop a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives

  • Recruitment & Selection of manpower by competency mapping. Fulfilling this by meeting the target of people to be appointed on annual basis.
  • Induction, Training & Development of existing and new employees joining the company. The performance objective would be a trained personnel within 1 month of joining as per competencies looked upon. This would be training and the completion of man hour objective.
  • Performance Assessment, Appraisal, Evaluation and Feedback. This would be a recognition and award objectives.
  • Grievance Handling and building a culture of teamwork, cooperation and support.
  • Employee Engagement, Learning and personal development and Empowerment Activities. This would be an employee focussed objective.
  • Reporting, Documentation, Administrative Tasks. This would be administrative and financial focussed objectives.

1.2  Evaluate own effectiveness against defined objectives.

  • Collected profiles from the job portal after personnel shorting as given by departmental heads.
  • Given the profiles to the Department Manager with a Recruitment Tracker.
  • Meeting the deadlines by keeping the interview schedules as per the department manager.

Reasonably Effective

  • Organized Induction and Training Plan on the first day of joining of an employee.
  • Asking for the feedback and evaluating the training done for the existing employee by feedback forms.
  • Mapping the skills, competencies and the strengths of the new as well as existing people.

Very Effective

  • Maintained the schedules for the appraisal process in coordination with the departmental heads.
  • Sending Emails for the self-evaluation and self-assessment forms to the employees.

Reasonably effective

  • Maintaining grievance cell and all queries and escalating through the right channel of operation and resolution.
  • Organizing the meeting of the people involved.

Not very effective

  • Organized various engagements, learning and the empowerment activities benchmarked with the industry standards.

Very Efficient

  • Sending Management Information System Report to seniors as per the stipulated timelines.
  • Keeping the hardcopy as well as softcopy of each record pertaining to the employee in the employee folder.

Not very effective

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1.3  Make recommendations for improvement

  • Maintaining the To-Do List and Diary for the everyday tasks.
  • Keep an update and account of the mails received regarding the recruitment and selection requirements from various departments.
  • Updating the employee requisition requirement format and maintaining it.
  • Discussing on the job profiles and the responsibilities with the department heads as per deadlines.
  • Jotting down all the tasks as per priority and not missing even a single one.
  • Celebrating the accomplishments by applauding self.
  • Checking the tasks that have been performed.
  • Benchmark the performance management process with the business model and the industry standards.
  • Completing the assignment as per the deadlines and the targets.
  • Discuss the program with the management in order to derive software where the employee can feed and log in his/her complaints.
  • Establishing a Grievance cell which comprises of individuals from senior level along with Personnel Manager who could discuss.
  • Resolving query within 2 day policy.
  • Search for more ways of keeping the employees busy.
  • Learn on the newer ways and techniques of maintaining the records and the documentation (Blumenfeld et al, 1999).
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1.4 Review how motivational techniques can be used to improve the quality of performance

Motivation is the inner drive or the feeling that keeps the efforts and the output aligned within the individual. It helps an individual in gaining and achieving his objectives as per the stipulated time. Motivation helps in giving a specified and correct way or the direction of movement to achieve the desired goals and objectives pertaining to the personal and professional life. It could be due to the factors which may be present internally or externally for an individual. The motivational techniques that would help in improving the quality of performance in an individual are:

  • Encouraging each employee to participate – By provision of learning, training and giving the complete information to the individual.
  • By rewards and recognitions – Whenever any employee achieves his targets and objectives, rewarding him and recognizing his efforts.
  • Introduction of feedback and evaluation session after completion of every project. This way the employee will remain updated of the efforts he has shown and the level of improvements that are required.
  • Taking suggestions from the employees in improving the company culture so that all employees remain motivated (Brown & Dobbie, 1999).


2.1 Write a MEMO to all colleagues outlining the solutions to work based problems as listed above

                                                                        Company Name: ABC Enterprises

                                                                        Address: Golf Course Street, Malaya

                                                                        Date of Memo: June 9, 2013.

To: All Colleagues

From: Customer Service Supervisor

CC: Customer Service Manager

Subject: Solutions to Work-based problems

It has been observed that employees are not clear on their shift schedules and timings. In case the supervisor needs to check on the duties and the assigned shift then there is no clarity. Secondly it has also been noticed that the employees in case fail or unable to attend their shifts in time then they inform the manager or the supervisor through the telephone switch board of the company. The messages that are delivered are not clear and transparent in terms of their communication. Lastly there are seen huge numbers of refunds where goods are accepted without a valid receipt or invoice number.Read Another copy of Unit 47 Employability Skills

These work based problems may look small at present but would eventually grow big in case not sorted out immediately. The problems have already been identified. In case they would be handled in the following ways, there would not be a situation when they will become more cumbersome:

  • Maintaining of the Shift Schedules with the person name, date, shift timings. This schedule has to be updated and mailed to the customer care supervisor and cc to manager a day before for the clarity.
  • In case any employee wants a change in the shift timings due to emergencies at home then they need to send an email prior to the day scheduled for the duty timings. This will help the supervisor in taking up the problem well ahead of time.
  • Instead of using the office switch board, it is important to notify the supervisor by calling on his official mobile and notifying him the changes as required.
  • In case any employee has exigency then he needs to send a SMS to the Customer Service Supervisor so that his replacement could be managed well.
  • It is always necessary that goods should not be accepted without a valid receipt and the invoice. In case it has to be done without receipt or the invoice then a special approval has to be taken from the manager (Dolmans et al, 2001).

When we will attend the problems as faced by the above mentioned techniques or the alternatives ways then we will surely be able to resolve them at the earliest.

Looking forward for the cooperation and support from all of you to make a healthy culture free from problems of all kinds.


Boston Avilov

Customer Care Supervisor


2.2 List down the various types and levels of communication using an organization of your choice

The organization chosen is Virgin Group. The various levels of communication that take place within this organization are:

  • Extra-personal Communication – Communication between the humans and the non-humans.
  • Organizational Communication – Communication that takes place among the people of various levels in an organization.
  • Intra-personal Communication – This is said to be a communication that takes place within the individual.
  • Inter-personal Communication – This is the communication that takes place among various individuals.
  • Mass Communication – The communication that takes place through means of TV, Books, journals, articles, magazines and radio etc.

Types of communication are:

  • Assertive Communication – This is the communication that is done by the confident expression of an individual. It is able to assertively express his idea and the correct expression of information.
  • Aggressive Communication – Here an individual speaks in such a way that he tries to demean or de-value the other individual who is involved in the communication process.
  • Non-Assertive Communication – The individual is unable to clearly express himself.
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2.3 Identify and explain any 3 of the effective time management strategies provided below or any other of your choice

Time management techniqueExplanation
Prioritizing Work LoadIt is important to differentiate among the various tasks that are being assigned. This would be in terms of prioritizing them as URGENT, IMPORTANT and even the NON Important Tasks with that of the stipulated time intervals so that they are being performed in that order without any kind of a delay. This could also be done by maintaining of a diary or a TO-DO List for the kinds and the variety of tasks that have to be performed.
Time for LearningIt is important that in order not to waste time, it is essential that the sufficient learning and the knowledge is acquired so that when required could easily be applied upon.
Development of Short & Long Term ObjectivesThe developing of various goals, aims, objectives and the targets help in aligning ourselves with that tasks. We can easily keep track and record of the deadlines, targets and the aims that have to be achieved and would not get de-aligned.
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3.1 Under the table below, explain each of the team roles that were highlighted by Belbin and show how each role complements each other

Team work helps in the achievement of even the challenging and the biggest tasks that are taken in hand. All individuals in a team, if will work together towards achieving the objective then they could easily accomplish the team objective and the aim. As per Belbin Team Dynamics, the team work is carried out in the following ways:

  • Providing guidance on the direction in which work has to be carried out.
  • Supporting each individual in a team.
  • Sharing of the responsibilities and acting responsibly (Porter et al, 1996).
  • Working on the areas of improvements.
Role Played in a TeamExplain the RoleExplain how can they work together
Plant (er)He has to make sure that plantation is done. He has also to ensure that their growth is in progressAll the people when will keep coordinating and supporting each other in accomplishing not only their own tasks rather even the tasks of their team members then surely the entire work would be completed within the timelines as have been discussed and coordinated for the final accomplishment of the task as a whole.
Resource InvestigatorHe has to investigate on the resource availability and their proper assignment for the various tasks in terms of quantity and quality.
ShaperHe has to keep shaping the plantation so that they get an attractive look
Completer/FinisherHe has to complete and finish his tasks given to him.
Co-ordinatorHe needs to coordinate with all for their said deadlines and schedules.
ImplementerHe has to make sure that as per schedules, the implementation of the action plan is initiated.
Monitor/EvaluatorHe has to monitor and evaluate the performance of all individuals.

3.2 Analyse (break down) the concept of team dynamics

Team has a great role to be played in the accomplishing of the goals as a whole for the organization. It is basically involving the people of the various competencies and the skills so that the said task gets divided and finished by the support and coordination of all within the said time. The various characteristics of the team dynamics are:

  • Clarity of mission, vision and the objectives.
  • Supportive and creative operation.
  • Focus on the outcomes.
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Strong leader and guide.
  • Resolution of the grievances.
  • Open Communication.

3.3 Choosing the organization of your choice, put forward/suggest alternative ways to complete tasks and achieve team goals

The organization chosen is Virgin Group. The company has to follow the following ways or strategies whereby it could surely achieve the objectives/goals and strategies:

  • Set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound targets.
  • Strategizing and planning of the SMART objectives.
  • Implementing as per the stipulated time interval (Cox et al, 2003).
  • Review, feedback and evaluating the progress of the implemented action plan.

Through means of the above stated ways or strategies, we can surely achieve the goals and the objectives that we have planned for ourselves. Read about ICTM College Employability Skills Assignment.


4.1 Identify and Evaluate any 2 tools and methods you can use for developing solutions to ONE of the problems listed above

Tools and MethodsEvaluate the usefulness of these tools in developing solutions to the work based problem you have selected
Design form/template to record work doneRank: Very Useful Evaluate: This would help in evaluating the amount of work done and the standard operating procedures being adopted in this way or not. This template helps in keeping a track and monitoring on the performance of the activities.
Design checklist to enable staff to smoothly perform taskRank: Very Useful Evaluate: This technique would help in keeping a checklist in monitoring the work performed and task and the shift timings.

4.2 Develop an appropriate strategy for resolving ONE of the problems listed in Scenario 2.

Possible StrategyExplanation
Compromise and CollaborationIt is essential that the above problems are being compromised in the form of adoption of the templates and the forms so that all standards and strategies are being followed in a specified way. Entire Staff, seniors and the authorities have to collaborate together in developing the programs, practices, principles and techniques whereby the goals and objectives of the team ate achieved and all problems as listed above are being resolved at the earliest leading to smoother and efficient operations (Arundel et al, 2007).

4.3 Evaluate the potential impact on the business of implementing the strategy to choose in 4.2 using the table below:

Possible StrategyPotential Impact if any of these strategies is chosen
  • This will help in knowing the problem well.
  • This will force in thinking on the strategies.
  • In case the problem will not result in the major further problem then surely it is better to avoid the problem.
  • This strategy would surely help in creating havoc out of a small issue.
  • This will help in helping all in accommodating the issues and resolving them by getting adjusted to them easily.
Compromise and Collaboration
  • This strategy as explained above all will help in complete evaluation of the problem.
  • Thinking on the alternative ways of its resolution and sorting out.
  • It will collaborate all the people and perform in a team and resolution of the above issues.
Fish Bone Diagram
  • This is a strategy by which the causes like equipment, people, processes, materials, environment and the management get united to effect the problem for which resolution could easily be done.


It is always essential that when we work in a team then we are even able to achieve the targets, objectives and the goals which are challenging in themselves. Team has the characteristics that have been discussed above. Each and every team member should have clarity on the roles and responsibilities that they have to perform. This will help him aligning the individual as well as the company’s goals together. Certain strategies like confrontation, avoidance, fish bone diagram and the accommodation help in resolving the work based problems. An organization has to set SMART objectives matching with the employee competencies and the business model of an organization (Roome, 1992).


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