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This Computer Systems Assignment Help is given for the assignment given in ICTM College for the BTEC HND in Computing and Systems Development Course.


This coursework is designed in the form of set questions and design scenario. The tasks are divided into fivesections, with section compromising several questions. The coursework should be submitted as one document in a report format.

Task 1: Understand the function of computer systems

  • With the aide of diagrams (if applicable) explain the function of the main computer hardware and software components such as (CPU, RAM, Hard Disk Drive etc..)?
  • Explain the purpose of some system utilities such as (Virus protection, clean up tools, etc.) and Operating system such as (performance monitor etc.)?
  • When considering a different type of computer systems you are open with many options, discuss the factors that determines the performance of a computer? .

Task 2: Be able to design computer systems

ColourPrint.com is a photography company, the company opening a new section to record and produces wedding videos. They want to use video editing software where they should be able to combine video from different sources, adding to the ability to add graphics, edit sounds and produce the final video that should be recoded and produced on a DVD.

  • Discuss the various stages that you would follow in arriving at final specifications of recommended system. You should include Hardware / Software specification .
  • Justify you selection of Hardware/ Software giving alternative approach, including the justification in choosing the component and alternatives? .
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Task 3: Be able to build and configure computer systems

The company decided to build the 3 (Three) systems with the specification you recommended.

  • With the aid of diagram if applicable describe the process (step by step process) of assembling a typical personal computer, including the health and safety procedures?
  • Installing an operating system can be assumed to be the first step after assembling and post-assembling a personal computer, Describe in (step by step Process), how you would install the operating system with mentioning clear documentation process?

Task 4: Be able to undertake routine maintenance on computer systems

The ongoing work required some maintenance, some of which can be a routine the user should perform.

  • Backup the computer is an essential routine, explain the different types of backup and justify your choice of backup strategy for above company?
  • Prepare routine maintenance check list form to monitor system functionality.
  • Discuss what needed to be considered before upgrading any hardware or software of an existing computer system. What critical issues should be addressed before any major updates and/or upgrades in an organisation?

Relevant Information

  1. Outcome of the Units
Outcome AssessmentCriteriaQuestion
1. Understand the function of computer systems1.1      explain the role of computer systems in different environments 1.2         explain    the    hardware,    software   and peripheral components of a computer system 1.3        compares different types of computer systemsQ. 1(a) (b) (c), 2(a) / TCA
2. Be able to design computer systems2.1     produce a system design specification to meet a client’s needs 2.2     evaluate the suitability of a system design specificationQ. 2(a), 2(b) 1(b), / TCA
3. Be able to build and configure computer systems3.1     build and configure a computer system to meet a design specification 3.2    test and document a computer systemQ. 3(a), 3(b)/TCA
4. Be able to undertake routine maintenance on computer systems4.1      perform routine maintenance tasks on a computer system 4.2     upgrade the hardware and software on a computer system

Q. 4 (a), 4 (b), 4(c)


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LO 1 Understand the function of computer systems

1.1 Explain the role of computer systems in different environments

In the present world, the computers has become the most basic and significant need for the people. Computers nowadays are used for each and every activity, i.e. For calculations, gaming, surfing internet and much more. Computer is the most powerful machine in the world which is used in variety of purposes. The role of computer systems in different environments is explained below:

Science: Computer plays a big and significant role in the science and technology. There are many activities like the testing of nuclear bombs and other experiments takes place through the programming in computers. The data and the records can be kept safe in the computer systems and it can be used later when needed. The information can be gained about the weather, earthquake, etc. (Ciborra, 2015)

Medical field: Computer system plays a significant role in the field of medicine. Many equipments which are used in hospitals work through the computer systems. Critical surgeries and operations can be performed by the doctors with the help of the instruments and equipments which are operated with the help of computer systems.

Also, the medicines and their records of drugs used, the manufacturing and expiry dates, the batches of production, etc are recorded in the computer systems to have a proper arrangement of the batches of medicines. (letsfindout, 2015)

Offices: The computers are used in offices on a large scale. Almost all the operations are performed with the help of computers nowadays. The data can be stored in the computers and can be retrieved whenever needed or required. The important files can be shared among a group of people which saves time and increases the efficiency. The files which are private can be protected by putting the passwords. (letsfindout, 2015)

Banking: Nowadays, all the baking operations have become computerized. The deposit and withdrawals are recorded through computers. The banking field has seen much growth because of computer systems. The facilities like internet banking, ATM, mobile banking, etc has made life easier and saved a lot of time. (letsfindout, 2015)

Education: Education has seen a revolutionary change by the use of computer systems. Al the study material is available online and the examinations are also taken online which saves time and improves the system of education.

Internet: Social media is widely used by the present generations. The social media websites like Face book, twitter, etc given a large exposure to the internet. Also, almost everything is available on internet nowadays. From booking tickets to shopping online, everything is done though the computer systems. With computer systems, the life has become easy and people can communicate to each other sitting miles away from each other. (letsfindout, 2015)

Entertainment: Computer systems can also be used for the purpose of entertainment. Movies and songs can be stored in the systems and can be watched later on. The games can also be played on the computer systems. Nowadays high quality and technology games are available. (Ciborra, 2015)

So, computer is one of the most important machines in the present world.


Ciborra. (2015). Reframing teh role of computers in organisations. Retrieved 12 22, 2015, from http://folk.uio.no/patrickr/refdoc/Ciborra_ICIS.pdf letsfindout. (2015). Why are computers so important. Retrieved 12 22, 2015, from http://www.letusfindout.com/why-are-computers-so-important/

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