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The assignment comprises of 4 Tasks. They are addressing the processing and concerns related with the management of information and knowledge that exists in an organization. Task 1 would give us a demonstration on the assessing of the information and knowledge needs in an organization. We would differentiate on the information and the knowledge in an organization and how are they being used in an organizational environment. Task 2 would be discussing on the strategies that could be used to increase the personal networking so that effective decision making is done. Task 3 would discuss on the ways through which the communication process could be enhanced. Task 4 will discuss on the various approaches where by the systems related to the organization could be enhanced through proper storage, formatting and process of information and knowledge. We will study on the new approaches, strategies and ways in which the information and knowledge could be enhanced, developed and disseminated to the right set of people within and even outside the organization.

TASK 1: Demonstrate how you understand how to assess information and knowledge needs.

In this task a study would be carried out on difference between the information and knowledge and how we can utilize them on various levels in taking and making the effective decisions.

1. Define Information and Knowledge. Examine how good information and knowledge are needed to ensure effective decision-making at each level of the organization of your choice.

Information refers to the processed data. This means that the data, facts, figures when acted upon to derive certain solutions and that processed data acts as an information. This information could later be utilized for decisions making and taking actions. Knowledge is what gets imbibed after taking the information in our minds. From the above diagram, it could be said that data and the information help in enhancing our knowledge and then based on the understanding, we take or make decisions.

Managing communications and information

When the data would be processed well, it will help in developing efficient information which will in turn help in developing our knowledge. Good information help in taking effective decisions in the following ways:

It develops our minds and gives us the possibilities of thinking from all aspects and angles. When the information would be correct and delivered at the right time then it will help in opening new business avenues and ventures. We can think of various alternatives for the same kind of information and data.

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1.2 Identify and access the internal and external sources of information and understanding that are usually available to the organization.

There are basically only two types of sources from where the information could be identified and accessed:

External Sources – These are the sources which are present outside the organization like: Reports for the sector and industry analysis, websites of the companies and the competitors, rules & regulations and legislations of the government etc.

Internal Sources – These are the sources that are present internally or within the organization and help in the collection of the data and the information. These are: Senior management, sales data, data from HR department, documents related to the technical department and internal management databases etc.

When a company has to make any kind of decision, then it needs to utilize the information derived from both the sources so that efficiency is there in the decision-making process.

1.3 Discuss how the organization can improve its data collection methods.

Every organization makes or takes the decisions based on the data collected and then enacted to be converted into the information that may be utilized in taking the effective decision making. The success and development of an organization depends on the ways in which it applies the effective information. This is possible when useful and effective information is being collected from various sources. The ways in which an organization can improve its data collection methods are:

By doing effective market research process – The companies can get the data from the various sources only if they will do effective market research (Davenport & Prusak, 1997).  They need to survey the markets, competitors, clients and the customers so as to maximize the amount of data collected. Once the data is collected it should be compared and benchmarked in order to make decisions.

By way of taking feedbacks through surveys and the questionnaires – When the data obtained is taken as regular feedbacks from the various people then surely these feedbacks will enhance and add to the information.

The organizations can improve the ways of data collection by involving the people with accurate skills and who could easily do the market research from all kinds of sources so that authentic and reliable information is being obtained from all sources.

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TASK 2: Explain how you would create strategies to increase personal networking to widen involvement in the decision making process.

This task would be discussing on the strategies whereby the personal networking could be enhanced and help in making the effective decision-making process.

2.1 Define the term “stakeholder”. Identify stakeholders that are likely to be influenced by the decision-making process in the organization of your choice.

A stakeholder refers to a person or a group of persons that have interest and concerns with the organization that they are linked to. Stakeholders are directly concerned with all kinds of decisions that the company is taking like development of policies, deriving the strategies for the success of the organization and creation of the mission, vision and core values of the company etc. The major types of stakeholders that play a role in the decisions making of the company are:

External Stakeholders – They are the stakeholders that are present outside the company like: suppliers who supply the material, government which influence the rules and regulations, customers that buy off the goods and services and run the business of the company and society where all people are present who do the branding and marketingfor the products and services of the company.

Internal Stakeholders – These are the stakeholders which are present within the company. They are the employees, owners and the managers working for the company.

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2.2 Discuss how best to make contact with stakeholders to develop business relationships

These stakeholders could easily be contacted for developing the business relationships through the following ways: Meetings, seminars and the programs wherein the internal stakeholders could be met to know their plans, objectives and goals for the company. These events will encourage the people in knowing each other well. Customers could be contacted through the means of the surveys, questionnaire and open forum programs. Through these means, we could get response and outcome of the company’s product and the services. Programs like meeting of the suppliers and other vendors who may affect the delivery and transportation of the products and services. When the company would meet up with the suppliers and the vendors then they will be able to suggest on few strategies that will help in progressing of the company.

With the help of keeping the personal networking and interactive communication with the regular sessions so that their view point and suggestions are obtained on timely intervals. The best way to contact them is developing the communication and personal networking sessions. Personal Networking will help in making contacts and relationships with the subordinates and the seniors.

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2.3 Discuss how personal networking helps in the decision making process of the organization.

When the company does the personal networking then it gets to know a lot of data, information, facts and figures. It even gets the excellent processed information that could be utilized for the effective decision making process. For example in case the company has to make effective policy for the employee benefit then through personal networking process, the company would get an idea on what other competitive companies have been doing. This way they could take help from the data collected and utilize to make the best policy. Personal Networking will help in fetching new business, creating more clients, vendors and the suppliers. It will also help the company in getting the highly skilled and competent people from the market. It is quite imperative that the company’s should focus on the ways in which it could increase its ability to increase the personal networking.

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2.4 Discuss what strategies can be adapted to improve personal networking?

Personal Networking has been quite fruitful in terms of the collection and application of the information. There are various strategies that could be adapted to improve the personal networking are:

Organizing regular meetings, events, seminars and the programs wherein all people would be invited for an open forum kind of a discussion. This will give an opportunity in exchange of ideas and useful information which will help in increasing the communication. This way when people will meet they would be able to interact well and discuss on the various issues and problems that will give rise to the excellent solutions that could be applied and organizations surely can progress. The process of thanks giving and the email interactions should not stop between the company and the people with whom it has to do personal networking. This process would help in attracting more and more clients and influential people towards the company.

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TASK 3: Explain how you would help communication process.

3.1 considering the selected organization evaluates existing processes of communication.

In Unilever the communication process follows the sending of the encoded message from the source or the speaker through the channel that could be a person or a thing. This message then gets delivered to the receiver and gets decoded. This basic process of communication remains same for each and every kind of an organization (Adler et al, 1995).

3.2 Propose how you can improve the communication process and how you will implement the improvements to ensure greater integration of communication systems in that organization.

Communication plays a vital role in the growth and development of an organization. The ways in which communication process could be improved are: By removing the barriers of communication that act from external source like: noise, music, telephone bell and other kinds of disturbing noises. The barriers once removed will help in bringing the efficiency, clarity and the transparency for the team members so that the communication is proper and helps in expansion of business. By making sure that the topic or the subject of discussion is an interest to both sender as well as receiver. This will help in doing high level of communication and discussion that will open ways for new information, data and knowledge that may be utilized for the development and progress of the company. By introducing the best channels of communication through which sender sends the noise free and clear messages to the receiver. The channel has to be checked before the communication gets started so that there does not exists even a single loophole in the progress of the company and the delivery of the right and correct communication or message.

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Improvements could be ensured by taking the feedbacks from the sender as well as the receiver on the process of communication that is used as effective or not. There would be greater integration when the barriers coming on the way of effective communication could be removed and managed well (Alavi & Leidner, 1999).

3.3 Create a personal plan to improve your communication skills

The personal plan that I would follow in order to improve my communication skills are: Reading of maximum vocabulary books to increase my vocabulary, Reading the language books differentiating American and British English, Interacting with all my friends following the learned accent of communication, Initiating to be the first one to speak and then answer in case involved in any kind of a communication process, Doing the reading and speaking activities aloud to enhance by accent and communication ability for speaking in public.

TASK 4: Explain how you will improve systems related to information and knowledge

In this task, the discussion would continue on the ways in which the systems could be improved related to the information and knowledge (Choo, 1996).

4.1 Identify and evaluate existing approaches to the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge

There approaches in which the information and knowledge is collected, formatted, stored and disseminated are: Enhancement of the Interpersonal communication, increasing the discussion in groups, Meetings that could be organized for teams, saving the records and data for the accounting purposes and Computer Reservation Systems.

They need to format the information by use of the effective technology and the application tools that will enhance the communication. In terms of storing of the information, there should be availability of reliable sources of storage like: Accounting and Financial databases, Personal Record Databases and the CSR’s databases. For the correct dissemination, it is important that right information is passed to right person in right time. This would help in making the people understand the information well and do its correct application.

4.2 what strategies can Mangers adopt and implement to improve the current approach used to collecting, formatting, storing and dissemination of information and knowledge.

Managers in case want that the information is effectively stored, collected and formatted then they have to follow certain strategies like: They could research the better available tools and equipment that could be utilized for the storing of information, Before passing on the information, they should check and re-check the information so that the knowledge spread is correct, Checking the authenticity, validity and reliability of the data and information that is collected and Application of new and advanced ways in terms of technology for the information formatting, collection and the dissemination like Internet of the company and official email etc.

4.3 What are the steps Management can take to implement a strategy to improve access to systems of information and knowledge?

The steps that the management needs to take in order to make the strategy effective are: Checking the validity and reliability of the data and then doing its application and spread of information. This is important so that the information does not go waste and gets applied at the right movement at right place and the right business strategy, Application of Firewalls and the anti-hacking tools so that the information is not leaked in the environment that my help the competitors know on the company strategies. This is important as otherwise the information may be stolen or destroyed by the competitors.

Information related to the company is quite confidential, it will in case get leaked into the environment or among the anti-social people then that may harm the organization. It is essential the information is being passed and transferred through reliable sources (Nonaka, 1991).


In today’s competitive world, there is a huge necessity of management of information and knowledge for an organization. The company need to find out the sources from where the information could be extracted so that it is later supported and utilized for the effective decision making process. Communication process should be improved in each and every organization so that the sender as well as receiver is able to know the kind of information that is passed between them. The barriers that exist in the communication channel should also be removed so that the information is effectively utilized and applied. Personal Networking is a way whereby the communication, information and knowledge is being enhanced in the communication process. When the company would increase its personal networking with the other suppliers, vendors, clients and the associates then surely the company would succeed in its business application and implementations.

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There is a need that company should improve on the methods, ways and the strategies whereby the information could be saves, stored, collected, formatted and disseminated. There is a greater need for the progress and that would take place when the company will improve the channels of communication, increase its extent of the personal networking. It has to make sure that the channel is reliable and authentic through which the information is being transferred and passed to others. Hence information and knowledge should be applied usefully and thinking from all angles.


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