HND Business Unit 47 : Employability Skills

This is solution of HND Business Employability Skills Assignment describes the Hindustan Unilever Limited' organization.


A. Discuss how you would develop your own responsibilities and performance targets based on your experience of working in an organization


Recruitment and selection of the manpower for the company – This is meeting targets and the requirements of the manpower in various departments of the company.

Induction, training and development of existing and new employees in the company – The employees who join the organization have to be known on where they are working. Above all new and existing employees have to be trained on various aspects so that they may perform as per the expectations of the management. Other is Performance assessment and appraisal of the employees. Grievance handling of all the employees – When employees work together, they will face issues in teams, management and even with the company. Tracking and recording of the data with respect to all employees working for the organization – Data and information regarding the employees has to be recorded so that in case required HR should not ask them again and again or disturb them during their daily routines. Involving and engaging the employees in various activities – Company has to involve the employees in all its decision making so that he feels being part of the organization and deliver the results that are expected. Introducing rewards and recognitions into the organization – This is basically introducing the recognition and rewards for the employees to award their performances and potential (Armstrong & Baron, 2000).

These responsibilities would easily be developed as I have initial experience in this field only. There would be certain responsibilities that may come as a new avenue which I would learn.

Performance Objectives

As a HR Manager the performance objectives for all the responsibilities could be put under the following heads:

Employee Focussed Objectives – It has to be ensured that they remain satisfied within the organization and all their problems and grievances are resolved.

Financial Objectives – The administration and targets related to the financials should be resolved.

Training and manhour’s objectives – Each week and monthly targets for the training sessions on technical as well as non-technical sessions should be completed.

Engagement and Recognition Objectives – It is essential that the employees should be engaged and recognized for various tasks they have done. They should remain aware of their career and succession paths.

These performance objectives will help in giving me a direction and a guideline to perform the responsibilities well. These performance objectives cannot be easily aligned with the responsibilities.

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B. Using a specific situation you may have encountered, critically examine what you would have recommended for improvement or had taken any action to improve your performance

Problem: The employees of the organization were not working effectively

In order to evaluate the work ineffectiveness against the objectives, it is essential that we should list out the objectives with the deadlines, targets and the status of their achievement on regular basis. I had listed down the works as mentioned in the table below and updated the progress in the form of Gantt chart with the level of target and objective completion (Shrauger, 1975). Through the means of these recommendations in case the people were not working fine earlier would not work better. I have tried aligning the employees with the organizational objectives by mapping their individual objectives and profiles with the expectations and the delivery that is required for work by the organization. I consulted people and understood their problems and based on each issue addressed with a suitable solution of the setting of the objectives and accordingly providing the training to them.

Solution: By providing them trainings, they started working effectively.

Objective 1 Training & DevelopmentWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
1. Soft Skills Training
2. Technical training
3. New Software implementation
Objective 2 Financial Objectives
1. Rewards and Recognitions Given
2. Performance Appraisal and Salary Hikes
3. Employee Engagement Activities
Objective 3 Grievance Handling
1. Problems Resolved
2. Focus on career and success planning
3. Clarified roles, responsibilities and descriptions of jobs to all employees.

This table tracked the progress and updated the work that I had to complete. On the respective objectives and their sub-responsibilities, I would note the level or amount of work done on it as per the deadline. This will help in comparing the achievement with the expected results. When we compare we tend to achieve more. This way I used to keep track on the progress of the tasks and achieve them as per the timelines and meeting the scaling process.

Motivation is one of the key requirements in terms of the non-financial gains that the employee desires (Campbell & Lee, 1988). He has to be known on the progress of his works. Motivating an employee, gives him the correct direction and the power to excel in that specified area. Motivational techniques help in improving the quality of the performance in the following ways: Produces changes in the behaviour of an employee which matches the company requirements. They get focussed towards their goals and objectives that they have to achieve. Desired outcome is produced in terms of productivity and the targets. It gives the right direction and guidelines for following a specific plan of action.

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A. Analyze a work based situation of yours and discuss how you would identify and suggest solution or you had identified and suggested a solution

When employees from different backgrounds work together and have specific targets and objectives, they are bound to face the problems like lack of communication, lack of support and team work etc. The problems could be solved by following the steps as listed below:

  • Identification of the problem – It is important to identify what exactly is the work based problem and reasons for its occurrence.
  • Generation of the alternatives – This step means finding out the various alternatives that could be used to solve these problems.
  • Evaluate and choose the best alternative – These alternatives should be discussed and the best alternative from the point of view of company and its employees should be chosen.
  • Implementation of the solution and controlling the action – The best solution should be implemented and later controlled for all actions.

The problem would be communicated to the people in an open forum which would be learning for them. Solution would be based on the recommendations and their consequences after the implementation. These steps given above could be explained with the help of an example like in case people lack team work. Then identification of the issue is lack of team work and unity among the employees. Based on this, these people one by one could be made leader in the team and asked to handle the issues and take the project forward. Once when every day one would become a leader, they will realize that there is support, coordination and team work required in order to work on targets and performance objectives.

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B. Identify and evaluate the various approaches and style that you would use to communicate a work based problem to your peers and supervisors using your own experience

There are various styles and techniques whereby the problems are resolved:

  • Talking to others, listing down of issues, information finding, calculating, following the rules, and calling of similar experience or situation earlier, trial and error method and Elaborating the problem.
  • OPAL Technique – Orientation, Planning, Action and Learning method.
  • Setting of goals, setting the criteria for evaluating the problem, identification of the priorities, SMART target setting, planning and completion of tasks.

The problems would be communicated to the seniors and the peers through the meetings and the discussion forums that should be organized on regular intervals like once in a month to address the issues.

C. Examine the various time management strategies and analyze how you would manage your time and why?

Time is a critical factor for the growth and success of an individual. I face a lot of issues due to mismanagement of time in my personal and professional life. I need to understand certain strategies whereby I could easily and effectively manage my time:

  • Making TO-DO List for everyday tasks that I need to do. It will have a priority in terms of the differentiation of the tasks being important and urgent. There should be major as well as the minor tasks that I will list in that list only. This way I will not forget all the tasks and do them by effectively managing time. I would break various tasks into sub tasks and accordingly the sub tasks are achieved with track on the major tasks. By splitting of these major goals into minor tasks, I would be able to achieve well and remain focussed on the various requirements of the projects and objectives.
  • Create long term and short term objectives and remain focussed – I need to develop my short term as well as long term performance objectives and even the learning objectives that I need to achieve. This would help in keeping the targets, goals and objectives very clear in terms of their achievements.
  • I will keep mobiles and other distracting tools and appliances away from me so that they do not disturb me especially when I am doing certain effective projects that have to be completed within timeline.
  • Create and maintaining of the everyday diary noting down of events and activities.
  • Designing and setting of URGENT VS IMPORTANT tasks – This is the most crucial factor as determining the urgent and important tasks.
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These are the strategies whereby I can surely apply in my daily life and complete all the tasks within the specified deadlines. I would define the tasks that are urgent and have to be delivered in 2 hours would be listed in the first category followed by the other tasks. This would be as per the order of their completion times and even the deadlines should be listed down. Above all the diary of everyday activities and the responsibilities that have to be fulfilled are to be maintained. This will help in keeping a track of time as well as objectives that I have set for myself (Donnellon, 1996).

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A Explain a role that you and your colleagues may have played as a team worker in your work based situation and analyze the group dynamics

Team work is said to achieve even the difficult and challenging work. When people work in teams they tend to take up the sub task corresponding to the main task and fulfil as per their core competency. In a team each person can take up the work as per his skills. Teams give choice of the alternative and the action that has to be taken. They work together and take sub parts to combine their efforts and take up their main task to achieve the full objective of the team work. As per Belbin’s Team Roles, team work could be carried out in the following ways:

  • Giving the direction and guidelines for work – Each team member will be clear and remind the other person on the various activities that have to be completed as per the targets and objectives.
  • Each individual supports every other person – In a team each individual supports and helps the other person in achieving his target (Brown & Dobbie, 1999).
  • Sharing of responsibilities takes place in a team – When the roles and responsibilities are assigned, the employees do discuss on the means whereby they can help not only self but others as well in achieving them.
  • Critical Skill gap is fulfilled by working with each other – Skills gap has to be mapped. There are certain skills that the company would be imparting to the various individuals. When people work together, they tend to learn from each other.
  • Support, guidance and help are rendered within a team – Support, guidance, help and delegation and the key attributes for the team members.
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Working in a team, employees can achieve various objectives which may remain unfulfilled when working individually.

These are said to be the forces that influence the direction and working of the teams. The forces that determine the team work are the creation of types of teams, degree of formality that exists in a team, level of performance that is expected out of team members, effectiveness and efficiency demanded from the teams, skills and expertise that is expected in the project that has to be executed in a team, responsibilities, accountabilities and the profile that is demanded from the team members. Team composition is done based on the objectives, goals and the targets of the teams (Maznevski & Chudoba, 2000). I would make sure that the team that I would work with is supported in all respect from my side. Each individual is assigned the roles and responsibilities as per their strengths and competencies.

B Identify and discuss alternative ways to complete task as a team and achieve the goals

Team plays a great role in the accomplishment of the task that involves a group effort. Say there is a group activity or a group project that has to be completed and it demands the responsibility of finance, purchase, accounts and few other team members. In this case first of all they have to be introduced to each other. They have to be understood on their mind set and requirements. Then they have to be discussed on the problems that have to be handled. The alternative ways of completing the tasks are by encouraging the team members, making them understand on the targets and objectives that have to be accomplished and achieved. And finally discussing on the issues and problems they are facing and they should be resolved and attended on priority. Team goals are important to be achieved. This is possible when the team members would understand them and unite together with understanding and focus towards those objectives. It is always advantageous that while doing the team work, each individual is assigned the responsibility with respect to his competencies. This way he will remain defined and aligned with the group dynamics and contribute to his best. The disadvantage would be that unless one individual has given his individual task, it cannot be combined with all and presented as a project. By setting of the team goals, targets objectives and goals are being divided and achieved with a combined effort. It would be helpful only if it is carried out with support, coordination and cooperation of all else it would be a failure.

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A Investigate and analyze with appropriate tools and techniques one work-based problem in your work environment and develop strategy to resolving the problem with justification. Now access the potential impacts of implementing the strategy on the business

Problems will arise in the professional lives when many people will have to work together. This is because they are from varied cultures, backgrounds and areas. It is important that these problems are understood properly. There are basically three types of methods and tools that could be used for solving of the problem:

Avoiding of Problem – This is basically the method whereby you remain unknown about the existence of the problem. Even if one sees the problem then also he avoids it and do not discuss it with others. This is with the assumption and the mind-set that this problem would be resolved (Gick & Holyoak, 1980).

Solving the problem – This understanding of the problem, finding out the alternatives that exist to those problems and finally taken action on the right set of solutions that could be implemented on the problem.

Seeking the problem – This is said to be the proactive step for solving of the problem. This makes sure that you understand the problem in a well-defined way. Once we have understood that these are the situations that may arise to the project. We may sure that before the problem arises, we find out the alternative of solving those problems.

Besides these there are certain methods whereby we can avoid the occurrences of the various problems resulting situation: Establishment of the trust with all in a team, Identification of the problems that may arise in a situation, Analysis of the sources and consequences of the problem and its solution, Finding out of various alternatives for the problem as its solutions that can easily be identified (Nilsson, 1971), Encouraging creativity, innovation and motivation in the people to adapt to the situations and not taking problems very heavily, Implementation of the best chosen alternative and following through or evaluating of the best implemented solution to the problem.

The strategies could be many for solving problems. Each individual would have different interpretation and evaluation process of solving of the various problems. They have to be defined and made to understand on the objectives that have to be achieved for the solving of the problem. The best strategy that could be adopted to solve the problem is:

Understanding the problems and its reasons – In order to solve any problem it is important that we first understand why the problem is existing. Next step is in finding out the various reasons for its existence. This will give us an idea on why it existed and may be solution could come out from that only.

Keeping an open discussion forum in its resolution – It is important that ideas and suggestions for the problem for best solution implementation should be taken from all. This will help us in getting the idea and finding out the pros and cons of the various problems.

Discussing on the various alternatives given by the team members – Each alternative should be evaluated on its pros and cons. This will help us in giving best solution to it.

Evaluating the best solution – The solution that best meets the requirements and needs will have to be chosen (Zand, 1972).

Implementing the best solution – This refers to the implementation of the best solution of various problems that exist in the team or the company.

Controlling and monitoring process – Once the solution is implemented does not mean that problem has been resolved. It is essential that we give a consistent monitoring and the control over the solution that has been implemented. This will in turn help us in finding out whether the solution implemented is best and should be making the problem resolved.

Business runs smoothly when are being followed by a specific business strategy and techniques. It is important that the business should follow a certain specified strategy that should keep track of its competitors, customers and the clients. Hindustan Unilever has the marketing strategy of reaching out 2 out of 3 homes in the entire world. He studies the environment, its processes, factors that may affect its growth and the implementation of the various actions after the thorough analysis of its internal and external environment.

Strategy helps in giving the specified and right direction to the business. It helps in marketing planning the right set of rules and guidelines in the way that the targets are achieved accordingly. The impact that strategy has on the business is: Consistently keeps the business model as per the business environment, Develops a plan for the business growth and expansion, gives the right direction in which the business should move, Sets the principles, priorities. Rules and practices for the business implementation.

Strategy is important and in case business has to succeed and grow it has to develop the strategy after considering the potential factors that may affect its growth. Above all Strategy has to be changing on regular intervals. It should match the requirements and change as per the demands and needs (McAdam & Bailie, 2002).


HUL has been consistent its strategy and the plan of action for its growth and expansion in the entire globe. They are surveying and evaluating their skills, competencies and target the people to work in teams in order to even realize their hidden potential. They have developed a forum to resolve the queries of the employees and even help them grow within the organization. They have given effective decision making at various levels. The employees are said to compete in the entire globe from HUL with other companies. HUL is said to be the most favourable place to work at.


Govindarajan, V., & Gupta, A. K. 1985. Linking control systems to business unit strategy: impact on performance. Accounting, Organizations and Society,10(1), 51-66. McAdam, R., & Bailie, B. 2002. Business performance measures and alignment impact on strategy: the role of business improvement models. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 22(9), 972-996. Thomas, A. S., Litschert, R. J., & Ramaswamy, K. 1991. The performance impact of strategy?manager coalignment: An empirical examination. Strategic management journal, 12(7), 509-522. Zand, D. E. 1972. Trust and managerial problem solving. Administrative science quarterly, 229-239. Nilsson, N. J. 1971. Problem-solving methods in. Artificial Intelligence.

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